Veil for beach wedding?


I'm sure this has been discussed before, but I cannot find any posts on it...

For those of you that did/are doing a beach wedding, did you wear a veil?

I was pretty set on wearing a veil, but one of my friends that married on the beach suggested against it.  She said the wind will have the veil flapping all around and will cover my face in most of the photos.

My wedding is in June, so not sure how windy it will be.

Thanks for your advice.

Re: Veil for beach wedding?

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    My wedding is in June also, and I'm wearing a full-length cathedral veil for the ceremony. I might wear it to get some cool shots by the ocean later, too. I just always pictured myself with a veil, I wouldn't feel like a bride without one. It may be windy, but seems like it turned out ok for the girls who have worn them in the past. I'm not too worried about it.....go with what you want to do!
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    I don't think it matters what month you get married, it will be windy at the beach, especially if it's the afternoon.  That's just how it is there most of the time - which is good, it keeps things cooler.  :)

    I'm planning to wear a veil, and if it's blowing in my face, FI and I will just have to switch sides so it blows away.  There's nothing that says you have to stand on any given side, so why not?
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    I have heard that as well but wouldn't feel like a bride with out one. I loved the pics of brides with the long chapel and cathedral length veils blowing in the wind along the ocean so it was a must have for me. When purchasing my veil, the woman at the boutique stated that if it is a longer veil that touches the ground it is likely to be somewhat grounded by the grass or sand or whatever you are getting married on. She said it is the shorter veils that you often hear complaints about blowing uncontrollably. I opted for a chapel length veil and can't wait to wear it!
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    I had a veil and LOVED wearing it!  I think it's only a real problem when it's a drop veil. (like knottie redshoegirl, i think).  Mine had a comb that I put in my hair.  (I had a dual layered veil - one layer was fingertip and the other was cathedral length.)  I actually loved the way it looked blowing in the wind behind me.  I will say it was a bit of a problem when I had it over my face as I walked down the aisle, but my parents held it in place for me (they each had a piece in their hand as they held onto my arm while we walked- no one even noticed)  But that was the only time we were concerned about it.  It wasn't a problem once they lifted the veil over my face.
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    I'm getting married on the beach and I'm wearing a veil. IMO,  I can't imagine not wearing one. I guess like many have already said, I wouldn't feel like a bride. 

    I love the pics of bride's veil's blowing in the wind - very dramatic and beautiful.  I hope to have some similar pics.
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    I honestly don't know where I stand on this.  I think the pictures would be awesome but still just not sure.....much to think about.  I appreciate reading everyone's input.
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