Anniversary Inn in Boise?

Has anyone stayed there before?  H & I's anniversary is next month and we've talked about going there, but everything I've heard has been bad.  But it's from the same person, so I'm not sure how valid that is LOL.  Anything you can offer would be great.
Thanks :)
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Re: Anniversary Inn in Boise?

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    I haven't stayed there, but a couple of my friends have and they've had no complaints.  Actually one of my friend's and her husband stay there quite often and really like it. 
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    I'm staying there for my wedding night... so lets keep our fingers crossed :):)

    But my best friend has went there on multiple occasions and loves it. But she has also stayed in the most expensive rooms.  I toured the place, and I advise you do that too :) They do it every day from 1-3 i believe.   Of course the "cheaper" rooms were not as nice as the most expensive rooms, to be expected of course.  But overall, I like it :)

    Hope you love it if you decide to stay there! ;)
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    Personally I would rather stay at a place downtown and get a suite. Anniversay Inn seems dirty. I don't know I just didnt love what I saw
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    Hotel 43 (used to be the Statehouse Inn) in downtown is a cool place.  They have 2 huge suites on the top 2 floors.  Both are VERY nice.
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    We have stayed there and it is amazing !! In our opinion the "Fire & Ice" suite is the tops for romance. The tubs will relax you to the point of instant sleep. We love it there and I am thinking about finishing up the wedding ceremony there. =)  I am in charge of the wedding and he is in charge of the honeymoon.

    Try it, you will love it.
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