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I'm in the process of narrowing down my wedding dress and am down to two, one at David's Bridal and one at Nebraska Bridal Outlet.  Either one of them is going to have to be altered and I was wondering what are some good places to look into.  Has anyone had any good/bad experiences with David Bridal (Omaha) alteration department?  I've read mixed reviews online but I'm never sure if it's for the store here or somewhere else.  I'm eager to hear stories!
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Re: Wedding Dress Alterations

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    I went to Linda Lee
    2801 Avenue K
    Council Bluffs, IA 51501
    (712) 323-3163

    She was very quick, the quality was great and she charged me 1/4 of what David's Bridal was going to charge me for the same thing!!
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    Another vote for Linda Lee! I used her for all of my formal dresses throughout school. She pretty much had to re-do my entire prom dress because I ordered online and I ordered a size too big thinking it would be small (it wasn't) and they didn't have what I ordered so they sent me the NEXT size up, so the dress was 3 sizes too big. She did it all for under $100. She does amazing work and her prices are unbeatable.

    P.S. I LOVE NE bridal outlet. I got my dress there and spent $346 for everything. Can't get much better then that! =] =] =]

    Good luck! =]
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    Hey ladies can you tell me where Nebraska Bridal Outlet is? Also, I heard Black tie white satin (is that the name?) has great alterations.
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    Nebraska Bridal out let is in Wahoo.
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    Black Tie White Satin in Fremont does have a great alterations lady however I know they charge extra if you did not buy the dress from them. I have been in several weddings were we got the dresses from them and they were great.
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    I tried dresses on at both Black Tie White Satin and Nebraska Bridal Outlet. Had a great time at both! Bought my dress from NBO and I'm having it altered by Kim Bock in Lincoln (she used to do all the alterations at J'Maries in Lincoln - now it's Alfred Angelo).
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    The lady that runs the Scoular Ballroom told me about a tailor. I ended up using her to tailor my wedding dress and my daughter's bridesmaid dress, and she only charged $100 for BOTH!  She was awesome!  Here's her info:

    KT Tailor 402-558-1889

    She works out of her home and has a little "shop" where she works with a separate entrance so you don't have to walk through her house to visit her.  It's about 132nd and Pacific.
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