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help with my programs-please

Yes I am in total planning mode this week ( I should be in paper writing mode-oops) We are having 3 readings (2 required and 1 something personal we added). Two of FI's groomsmen are doing two of the readings and my good high school friend is doing our guestbook and the personal reading we have added. How do I word this on the program? Do I just put them under "groomsmen" and "guest book attendant" and leave off the lector part? I don't want them to not be recognized, but there is only so much space on the programs and I don't know if it is over kill to list them all twice? Thoughts, and ideas are appreciated. Thanks

Re: help with my programs-please

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    I did a ceremony outline in two one I put Reading and then on the other I put the name of the reading and "read by ..." I also have them listed under their other duties (groomsman, attendant, etc).  I barely fit everything onto our program and had to redo it several times to get everything to fit.  Good luck! Hope that helps a little :)
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    Any way works.  Your idea is fine, and Lemons' is good.  We had two readings, one by the FOG and the other by DH's SIL.  We listed both of them as readers, so the FOG was listed twice.  BTW, if you'd like to see our programs, I finally put them up in my bio, I think under paper stuffs.  There's a link at the bottom of that page. 
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