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i having approx 150 people.. i am making a guest book.. how many pages should it be?
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Re: guest book

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    I'm no help, but so glad you asked this question.  I didn't even think to make sure I have enough pages.  Thanks for saving me from a last minute panic attack!
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    I think mine was in the 20s and I had 130 people.

    Just make sure it is properly displayed...only about 10 people signed ours :(
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    I am not doing the Guest Book, instead I am having Well Wishes card. For 150 people I have 75 Cards (they are mostly couples). I have been to many wedding where the bride had lined guest books and people write their name and Congratulations on one line and only two pages are used. So I decided I would get the cards and when guests fill them out, they can put it in a vase. I have the business card sized ones, so you can get the book to insert them anywhere or even put them in a scrap book. for the pens, I am getting different color pens from hobby Lobby. It is a small detail change but definitely different.
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    Ditto to leaving it displayed properly. We had a 20 page guestbook. 100 people. Only 40 people signed it. and only 5 pages were used. It was to the left of the entrance doors. But the place cards (actually escort cards) were on a table to the right. So most went and got their card and sat down. But after reading theknot, I realized we had a high percentage of signers! GL!
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