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Photography by Alfonso Martone

Hi - my fiancee and i are getting married in late summer 2011 and need a photographer - has anyone used Alfonso Martone? (Photography by Alfonso) we are looking for reviews on him and his work - has anyone used him or worked with him?



my email is [email protected]

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    My brother used him three years ago and he was great to work with and the pics were gorgeous.

    Also check out Ricky Restiano- that's who I picked- his pics are very different.
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    I'm using Alfonso and I have a few friends who used him also. His pictures are breathe taking! He is artsy and traditional and knows how to capture the perfect moment even for someone who is not photogenic like me! :)

    I HIGHLY recommend you look into him.
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    I know your wedding has passed, but since this comes up in google searches for Photography by Alfonso Martone I'd like to describe my experience with his services. I was very disappointed with the service received from Alfonso. He ended up at the last second having his brother shoot our wedding because he hurt his back and his brother just didn't shoot very good photos. We got married at Bear Mountain in NY, with beautiful fall views and I stressed that I wanted post ceremony photos to be focused in that location and he ended up spending so much time in another spot we had enough light for maybe 10 minutes of shooting outdoors. I was so overwhelmed I lost track of time while he was shooting, but I felt the photographer should have been on top of that, not the bride. Also, we have received now 3 sets of DVDs with the digital files. Each set we've received is missing a good number of photos (I know because we received all the proofs). Every time I have called it to their attention they burn a new set but still end up leaving some pictures off. I'm not sure why, and they haven't been able to answer why all the files are not in the same place and can't all be burned to a disc. It's been almost 2 years since my wedding and I still don't have every single untouched, hi-res digital file from my wedding. I requested another set and this time was ignored, I supposed it was too much trouble for Alfonso. All in all, I think there are so many other wonderful photographers out there that I would recommend a bride passing on this one. Wedding pictures are priceless and if they are screwed up there are no do-overs.
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