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Bridal Processional Song????

Please help me...I'm trying to find a bridal processional song for my Catholic wedding ceremony.  I've heard that the traditional 'wedding march' is no longer accepted and that the 'Trumpet Voluntary' is the next most common song...problem is that I HATE it!!!  I would like a dramatic, soft and romantic entrance.  I'm planning on having my attendants walk in to 'Canon in D' by Pachelbel.  I would like more options for myself and am coming up very short with the restrictions of the Catholic church.   PLEASE any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Bridal Processional Song????

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    Our church allows it as well. We actually used the same music as Jamilynn, the girls walked in to Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring and I walked down the aisle to Canon in D.
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    Have you thought of "Ave Maria"? I love that song, it brings tears to my eyes, and no, it's just a song and you are not comparing yourself to the Virgin Mary!

    I went to a wedding where the bride had a friend who was a fabulous violin player. She played that as the bride walked down the aisle, and it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up it was so beautiful.
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    I like the idea of "Ave Maria", but make it the version by Bach & Gounod!  You can hear an excerpt of it at the link below.

    This link has a lot more ideas for slower pieces - Click the speaker icons at the left to hear a sample
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    I'm using The River Flows in You by yiruma. It is really beautiful.
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    I am debating between cannon on D and Ave maria (Gounod, definitely).
    Although, I'm afraid I'll start crying because that song makes me cry everytime I hear it so, maybe I'll stick to Cannon in D and keep Ave Maria for the siging of the registry.
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    I LOVE Canon in D! Everytime I hear it I get teary eyed & I just feel so airy & uplifted. I was at the mall the other day & there was a violinist playing selections from his newest CD & he played Canon & I was swept away right there in the mall! Needless to say I'm including it in my ceremony (I'm Catholic), but still debating what to include with it. Love all the suggestions mentioned by others. Ave Maria is also beautiful, but haven't heard the Bach/Gounod rendition. Jesu, Joy of Man Desiring I've heard of, but haven't actually heard. Have to give it a listen. It might be another option.
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    You have to listen to the gounod version. It is very different from the traditional one, very melodic.

    On a side note, if you want a good laugh, do a search on YouTube for the Pachelbel Rant by Rob Paravonian. It is an inside joke between my fiance and I and I know it will make us both laugh when they play Cannon in D at my entrance. I'm hoping it will help elliviate the pressure of the day and lighten things up a little for the both of us.
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