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Seating Children at the Reception

I'm planning to have quite a few children at my wedding in a whole range of ages. Our venue doesn't have enough space for a kids room or table, so children will sit with their families. I'm not sure at what age a child should be assigned a seat at a table. For example, a 5 year old would get a seat as they can sit and feed themselves, but a 1 year old would most likely be held or sit in a carrier. But what age between that should I start assigning kids chairs?

Re: Seating Children at the Reception

  • I have this same issue. I might assign people to tables and let them have whatever seats they want.
  • Chairs? Like real chairs? 2-3 depending. The other babies should get high chairs. Don't forget to count those (my DH's sister did and made a table with 8 people and 4 highchairs- for a table of 8...didn't work so well). That being said, if someone is questionable, then ask the parents what they prefer.
  • Most parents bring booster seats so I would say kids over a year.
  • Oh high chairs! I totally forgot those existed! I'll def. need a few of those.From my limited baby/child experience, I'm going to say 3 and under = highchair, over 3 = regular chair? I don't know who needs to provide those high pad things to make them higher in the chair if they're little (parents or venue).I'm also not sure when a baby is able to sit in a high chair rather than a parent's lap. Maybe 8 months??I'm obviously clueless. The moms here can help though!
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  • I would say a child under 3 would be in a high chair.  A parent doesn't want to have their child sitting on their lap throughout an entire meal.  Also, if it is a baby in a carrier, you may want to consider having a chair there to put the carrier on.  It could be a real pain, especially to any servers, if the carrier has to placed on the floor.
  • I have several friends with 2 year olds and they sit in a regular chair with a booster. I would basically just plan on one chair per child regardless of age (at least in terms of space) and then go from there. The little things that make them taller are booster seats. Your venue may have them.
  • Babies can sit in a high chair when they can sit up, which is generally around 6-8 months. Again though, even baby carriers should probably be alloted a seat.
  • my parents were poor college students so I didn't get a high chair or booster seat.  They put telephone books under me :(
  • haha! Yea, I was going to say that stacking something up under the baby also works are a booster, although the babies tend to slide around. I actually don't know any parents who carry their own booster.
  • Haha, I got the telephone books in the car too.  But then my parents got sophisticated and upgraded me to pillows.
  • I would ask your venue.
  • Assign chairs for kids as they need a space for teh carrier even if younger
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