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It's Monday Night!


Re: It's Monday Night!

  • Mica- If you need pics in Tampa, I can help you out. Just let me know.
  • Ooooo, BRee and Ciaram, that sounds so GOOD.

    We're having vanilla, red velvet and butterscotch banana cupcakes :)
  • Thank goodness for family Mica.  I'd rent for at least 6 months to a year to get my bearings and get a grip on the real estate market.  But that's just me.
  • Bree- I would like some of your cake, please.
  • Wow, Mica.  That's a rough/weird housing market.

    Good luck!
  • I would also like a slice of Bree's cake.  The layer with cream cheese filling.
  • Thanks, Megs!

    Do you know what people use to list places for rent in Tampa?  Craigslist?  The local paper?  I'm not finding much in S. Tampa.  :\
  • I want cake now.  :(
  • Yay for cake :D

    Anywho, I'm gonna go to bed, Night!!!

  • I had 2 slices of my wedding cake I don't see why you couldn't sneak 2 slices.
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  • Bree, I think cake is definitely one time when you can say that it's YOUR wedding and you can do what you want.  :)
  • I really want an angel food cake and strawberries right now. But I'm an angel food cake snob and won't eat it unless its made from scratch because store bought and made from a box just don't cut it.
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  • Why sneak the two slices?  It's your wedding after all...and as long as there's enough to go around, no one should begrudge you the second slice.
  • Good night, Ghoti!

    I just remembered, I have brownies with cream cheese frosting in the refrigerator.  Yum.
  • We found ours on Craigslist. PM me what you are looking for an I will keep my eye out for signs. Have you tried
    When we moved here, we stayed in a (horrible) hotel for week in a half before we found a place.
  • You won't look like a fatass. I think its expected to have a slice of each flavor at the wedding.
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  • I had some of all 3 flavors of cupcakes at our wedding.  We cut and ate one, and they put one of each of the other two in our room for us at the end of the night.  And I have one in my freezer for our 1st anniversary :).
  • Megs--
    I'll check out.  
    What have you heard about Carrollwood?  My MIL suggested that I check it out, but I"m not crazy about the commute.  I think I'd rather be in South Tampa.

    Bree -- I"m really absent-minded when it comes to stuff in the refrigerator.  I've been cooking up a storm lately, so I haven't been good about leftovers.  I will definitely use the brownies to soak up the rest of my wine.  :)
  • In Response to <a href="">Re: It's Monday Night!</a>:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: It's Monday Night! : I should have someone do this for me!  One of the best things in the world is eating cake in bed.
    Posted by bree4305[/QUOTE]

    I have never done this.  HOW have I never done this?
  • I dislike eating food in bed. Because I'm a spiller.
  • I dislike cake and chocolate.  Because I am abnormal.
  • I like cake but I'm not a big fan of chocolate.
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: It's Monday Night!</a>:
    [QUOTE]I dislike cake and chocolate.  Because I am abnormal.
    Posted by kellyjellybelly[/QUOTE]

    <div>Me too.  I'm all about the sugar, so I just eat the frosting unless it's funfetti cake.  And I'll take Skittles Hot Tomales, and candy like that anyday over chocolate.</div>
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  • I am really not a sweets person at all.  I much prefer cheese and wine.
  • Carrollwood is north and you will run into traffic, a lot of traffic. I have a co-worker that lives up there and it takes her an hour to get to work and that is still 12 miles away from were we are. I love South Tampa. Granted it is the only place I have lived since we move here, but I feel we are very close to the water and makes it feel more like FL.

    On that note, I am out for the night.
    Have a great one everyone.
  • I love cake and chocolate.  And wine.  I love food.  
  • I have a huge sweet tooth.  Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite.  Followed by anything chocolate.  Followed by cherry pie.  Followed by cake.  Which I still like enough to want to eat in bed.
  • I'd happily skip cake if I can have cheese with my wine.  I knew I liked you, kjb!

    Darn it, I'm already eating the brownies.

  • I'll choose strawberry short cake over chocolate any day. Strawberries are amazing.

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    I am a huge fan.  I have immense sympathy for Andy that she can't eat it.  Generally though I like snacky food over dessert.  I LOVE ordering appetizers, and rarely ever order dessert.

    ETA: I meant I am a huge fan of cheese.
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