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I am having a Sunday brunch wedding. Ceremony beginning at 11am and reception ending at 3:30pm.
FI and I are trying to decide what to do with the bar situation. We don't think open bar is needed for the entire time (it being a Sunday morning/afternoon and all) and our venue agrees. If we do the open bar for four hours it is pretty expensive anyway and above our budget.
One of the options would be to do a consumption bar (pay for what people drink at the end of the wedding) but this might work out to be even more expensive depending on what people drink.
Another option is to limit the open bar to two hours (lets say from 12:30 - 2:30) and then have cash bar for the last hour.
Or we could limit our guests to a certain amount of free drinks and once they run out of drink tickets, they will have to pay.
We could also just do mimosas & bloody marys only.
What are you opinions? I want to stick within the budget and what is appropriate for a brunch wedding but dont want to look like a cheapskate LOL Help! 
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