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  • See and that's not what im saying. Someone says "hey were doing a no kids wedding" now depending on the circumstances its cool whatever, like I said if it was someone I was really close to let alone in the wedding for and lo was still really young or like ebfing still Id probably have a problem. But when they come back and say "ya I mean obviously they can't be there people will be drinking." Or when they say " why do you news your kid around all the time?" That's how some of these posts read and that's what I get crazy about like what do you know? And I hate it when people down play what it takes to go out without a very young child when they have no idea what they're talking about and the attitudes a little inconsiderate. The reason my I can't bring my kid to a wedding is because its an adult only wedding not because of what other people think is inappropriate. Also when people say well then just decline like its no big deal maybe its a huge disappointment like don't throw a hissy fit about it but as a host I wouldn't cause a huge inconvinence and just be like too bad so. Sad just don't come. Id feel a little bad I wouldn't treat it like idc. If thats not how its meant to sound im sorry but thats how some of the posts sound from this end. Ultimately its the couples choice but theadded attitude kind of irritates me. Adult only weddings aren't rude its the attitude some people have that seems a little rude. Im just not a fan of adult only weddings. That doesn't mean I think someones wrong for doing one of course depending on the circumstances.
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    I wish we had invited kids, but we didn't. The only kids that attended were my siblings' children and they were in the wedding party. Part of our reasoning was that if my cousins all brought their kids, there would have been 20 some children, and we were only inviting around 80 adults. That felt just too crazy. 

    But I've seen a lot of neat ways to handle having kids at your wedding and they sound so fun that I wish we had done it (and I wish I had researched it more at the time, but... you know... I had a lot of stuff going on). There are great websites with ideas, like this one:

    It would've added some chaos, but frankly, if you have the space at the reception and are willing to hire someone to sort of corral the kids section, then I say go for it! If there's going to be some sort of adult cocktail party after or something, parents can and probably will leave well in advance of that for kids' bedtimes. Or you could move to a different venue/transition in such a way that signals the end of the kid portion.
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