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New Jersey

Inn at Millrace Pond

Is anyone planning on getting married at Millrace pond in 2011? Thinking about getting married there in 2012 but unsure of what to expect with the new owners taking over.

Re: Inn at Millrace Pond

  • ginageneginagene member
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    I contacted the caterers. the owners are very nice. In fact the caterers love the business, so much in fact that they are doing smasing good business...so good they are too busy to get in touch with me or my fiancee. I love, love love this place, but we've contacted them what? four, five times, and when we did meet with them, the man was rushed.....
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    We met with John Fucci and he was very nice and seemed accomodating.  My fear is that he was only telling us what we wanted to hear. Said construction for the new reception tent site was supposed to begin in March.  Went for dinner a couple of weeks ago and nothing had changed and he has not responded to my email asking about it...At least I still have a long while! I too just love the place and hope that the weddings this year are succesful!
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    Have you chose this as your venue?
  • Hzleyes194Hzleyes194 member
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    Did you ever hear back about the tent? I'm concerned because I was recently told that they are swapping out the pole tent for a framed tent, and it's now months since you originally posted about it. The place is amazing and we're almost all-in but that raises a red flag.
  • md123456789md123456789 member
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    Hello! I love this venue. Can you give me an idea of cost quoted to you? thanks!
  • amazingalexamazingalex member
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    In Response to Re: Inn at Millrace Pond:
    [QUOTE]Hello! I love this venue. Can you give me an idea of cost quoted to you? thanks!
    Posted by md123456789[/QUOTE]

    I too was wondering about this! I found the inn online and I love the look of it and I thought that if I could swing it, the tavern room would be a great place for a small, casual, fall reception but not finding any prices online has me worried about the whole "if you have to ask, you can't afford it" thing. I hope y'all get everything wrapped up in time and I'm sure your days will be great! Thanks :)
  • I'm getting married there in October. The prices are good, given the area we're in...and believe me, I did a lot of shopping around :) The caterers just took over the entire place a little over a year ago...check out Frungillo Caterers for more details. Good luck!
  • I was wonder about the proce also.. I work near their other venue sites and they are very banquet like and a bit upscale. Please share any details.. Also, if you like the look and feel of this place maybe try Crossed Key in Andover. Too $ for me but love the place.
  • I am so sorry that I have not revisited this post. I am getting married here in June (4 months) and so far have been happy with John Fucci's assistance.  The tent is a 50X50 center pole tent with a fabric draped ceiling.  I have also been told that it will have perimeter lighting and uplighting.  For a saturday night weddint we were quoted at $130 per person (not including tax and gratuity). 

    I originally signed a contract for the Crossed Keys Inn in Andover but cancelled when I read in the fine print that the wedding needs to be over by 9pm! As the sun sets at 8:30 in June, this was not an option for me.  It is also more expensive than the Inn at Millrace and I heard the food is sub par.

    My concern right now is fitting 200 guests in the 50X50 tent.  They assure me it holds up to 225 but it looks so small!
  • Hzleyes194 :

    I hope you had a wonderful wedding!

    Did you use the tent or the restaurant? If you used the tent, how many people did you have? Any major complaints?

    I feel like it was a gamble choosing the Inn because it is a new property for the brothers and there are not any reviews yet, however, they are very reputtable and I am confident they will deliver.  Fingers crossed!
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