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  • @dee613 We are 4-19-15 ! Creeping up very quickly! 

    @shannyb41 That's what I thought. Thanks very much!
  • @inka30 I felt the same way when I spoke to Perry on the phone. I figured he was just having a bad day, but was still so turned off that I went with somewhere else. I figure if you can't be nice to me before you get my money, how are you going to act once you get it?
  • I had no issues with anyone when we had our meetings...though that was a while ago. 
    I had a few issues when we were getting closer to our wedding date.  Perry promised us a craft beer package during our first meeting.  They didn't have it as an actual package so he said he would do it, no charge.  Well a year went by and they developed a package for it.  He tried to turn around and charge us I think 200 or 300 for what he promised would be already included.  Of course, we didn't pay.  Had he charged us it would likely be the first time in his career that he would not receive a tip.  :)  haha

    Oh and he hit us with his 10% tip thing about 3 weeks before the wedding.  I felt that was a bit high and did some research to find out that yes, it was high...way high. 

    Overall, we loved the venue and the foot.  I would recommend that place to anyone looking for that type of venue (bc it is hard to find something similar in the area).  But I will not say that it was totally smooth sailing with Perry and his staff.  I can totally see how him and his staff would come off as rude. 
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  • Oh no! This is not good and not something I want to hear being that our wedding is in May. I wasn't too happy with Perry though. He wasn't very responsive with questions I've had over the last couple months and now the reviews of this women are not good.
  • woman* Gah! Is his wife Lisa still there? We loved her when we booked last year.
  • @dee613 We are on 4-19-15! @shannyb41 Thank you! I will add the tent centerpieces to my to-do list!
  • @rayac1221 Lisa is still there and is now in charge. I called and spoke to her last week after I heard on here that Perry left. She said he left last Thursday with no notice. She was very nice when I spoke to her about my concern of him leaving and where that would leave us future brides. 
  • I think anyone who is considering or having their wedding here will be very happy.  We had a few minor things that we weren't happy with but they didn't have an impact on the overall experience. The food was awesome...the place is beautiful and everyone had a great time.

    Perry was not the easiest to get in touch with but if he's gone this Lisa person might be better.  I feel like I remember working with a Lisa a couple weeks before our wedding.  I'm not 100% sure though.
    Maybe she seems a little rough because she's taking over such a huge responsibility and if Perry left without notice that came def make things a little stressful trying to pick up where he left off.  I would cut her some slack for a little while until she adjusts.  Maybe just stay on top of her a little bit, lots of follow up etc.  That should make things easier. 

    Honestly, the venue does so much that it's pretty low stress to work with them.  Just get anything you want that's outside of the normal package in writing!
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  • @dee613 Thanks.. I can't believe he left without notice. I think he was there for 20 something years. His wife's name was Lisa also, so I'm not sure if we're talking about the same person. The person who emailed me was Lisa Redfern. Anyway, we are booked to go there in 2 weeks to meet with her and to go over everything.
  • @inka30 Was it Lisa R.? What did she say that made you so upset?
  • edited February 2014
    Not to go off on a tangent, but 'no shots' policies are ridiculous. You can't have a shot, but you CAN ask for an alcohol without any mixer (like vodka, on the rocks or Jack straight up...) It makes absolutely no sense to me.
  • That's great @inka30. Glad you found the place for you :)
  • rayac1221 and all current and future LVC brides: After reading the posts about Lisa, I must admit that I totally freaked out because I am getting married there on 4-19-15.  I took the initiative to call her, introduce myself, and make sure that everything was squared away, and I found her to be very pleasant.  She was willing to go over everything with me and was really, very kind.  I'm hoping that @inka30's experience was the exception!  I just don't want anyone to feel discouraged to go there if they want to have their wedding there.  It is still such a beautiful and unique venue, and my experience with Lisa was more pleasant than that with Perry.  I'm hoping that this is actually for the best!
  • Ugh.. well thanks I guess. We're going to meet with her tomorrow night and to pick out linens and firm everything up for our day. We'll see. I'll report back Wednesday with my thoughts of her. No backing out now as we're only 9 weeks away from our wedding! I do agree with you all about the shots thing. However, I attended a wedding at LV in 2012 and towards the end of the night, they allowed shots. It's stupid - a drink is a just shot with soda or juice which like you said can be more dangerous because of all the sugar mixed with alcohol - ha! The majority of our guests are friends, aged 28-40 and they're going to want shots lol.
  • Thanks @inka30. I just realized there are TWO Lisa R's that work there... so now I am wondering if we're talking about the same person lol either way, nothing we can do about it now. I just want the night of our wedding to go smoothly and for the food and service to be the same as how I recall it was in 2012 when I attended a wedding there!
  • @kryan816 @inka30 - Here's how it went last night. First, we can't be talking about the same Lisa (there's another Lisa R. at LV - not sure if she's still there) but the Lisa we met last night is the opposite of the type of person you explained, lol. She spent a solid hour with us and was super nice. She told us not to worry that Perry is gone. She has 20 years experience and is very accommodating. She offered to decorate the mantels, help the florist if she needs it, tie ribbon/raffia on all 160 napkins, add votives to the tables (I think this is the standard though), print signature drink menus, etc. We are going back this Friday for dinner but everything else is set and ready for our wedding in 9 weeks! Sorry you had a bad experience @inka30
  • Thanks for your feedback @rayac1221!! You are making me feel better about Perry leaving and my wedding at LVC. So happy to hear you had a good experience! Must have lifted a huge stress off your shoulders. 
  • I just received an email....Perry and his wife purchased their own venue up by me in Sparta.  (  I was actually at this place years ago for a bridal shower and it was very nice.  I'm interested to see how it looks after they do their renovations.
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  • @rayac1221 That was the same Lisa I spoke to! She assured me, too, that she has been doing this for 20 years.  I am SO glad that she offered to help decorating.. that was a big concern of mine. I am so glad that you had a good experience! She told me that she is the temporary banquet manager right now, so I am wondering if that will change.
  • @dee613 - you're welcome. Yes, I feel much better now!
  • This Lisa must have really shaped up since I was there!  Glad it's working out for you ladies - didn't mean to make anyone stressed out, but wanted to make sure other brides who are considering this place thought twice before going!
  • Hi, were you ever notified about Perry leaving? Our wedding is in April and I JUST found out he had left when I went to confirm our rehearsal dinner date. Really not pleased with the service at all...
  • @luestrella I don't think anyone was notified? The only reason I found out was from being on this board! I'm hoping everything works out for you!
  • @luestrella I was never notified and found out on this board. When are you getting married? I'm April 2015 :)
  • @luestrella - I was notified a little over a month ago. I received an email from Lisa R. I expressed to her my concerns (Perry was honestly not helpful at all the last few months) and she really stepped it up. We went for dinner a few weeks ago and it was 100x better than the first time we went, last summer. Service was amazing and everyone was extra attentive. I would call and express your concerns. Perry knew he was on his way out of LV... he stopped responding to our emails or we would get an "ok" one word answer. Is your wedding this April? It'll work out just fine.
  • Hi, can someone please tell me what the rate is? I haven't been able to find any info on this board or when I do a search. I'm looking for next June or July 2015 on a Saturday. What's the range I'm looking at?? Thanks
  • @ktcardio It is really hard to give you an idea as to rates.  I am getting married on a Sunday in April 2015, so I'm sure my rate is lower than yours would be for a Saturday in June/July.  You may be in the $140 range?  Like I said, tough to guess.  What I can say is that the price is all inclusive, so you don't have to worry about adding on tax and gratuity.  I will also say that overall, it is a great deal! You're best bet is to give a call and ask for Lisa, and see if she will give you an approximate price, and then go and visit! Best of Luck!!!
  • @kryan816 thanks ! Pretty sure we are booking there. Love the place. I just got worried reading all these reviews about the Lisa /perry drama. I hope the Lisa I spoke to is a different Lisa (she seemed very nice ).

    Also the dance floor looked rather small to me but when I went in they had it set up for 160 people. We are having 110 probably. Is the space tight in there for dancing? Also what do they do when it rains for the ceremony? Enough time to quickly turn it around from outside to inside? Thanks :)
  • @ktcardio I believe that they can do a quick turn around and have the ceremony either in the tent or in the reception room.  The dance floor does look small, but I am comfortable with it for my 125 guests.  Not everyone dances at the same time, but I have seen pictures where there have been a bunch of people on the floor and it looks totally fine!

    Lisa Redfern is the person I have been keeping in touch with, and she is MUCH more helpful and available then Perry was.  I think you are looking at the LVC at the right time =)
  • That dance floor is fine for 110.  We had 140 and had more than enough room for dancing.

    We paid $140pp for a Saturday night in October but I know prices have changed since then.
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