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bilingual wedding

We are trying to figure out how to say Ring Bearer Flower Girl Usher and maybe more... does anyone have a bilingual or all spanish wedding program? Thanks!
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Re: bilingual wedding

  • Did you ever get a response? I'm having a bilingual(Spanish) wedding as well. I would love if you could share with me the translations of those words. Thank you:)
  • Stage, I thought the same thing. If you are having a bilingual ceremony, I assume it's because you or your FI has family members who do bot speak English as their native language.  Even if they are grandparents or more distant relatives, someone in the family should be able to translate for you. You can go to Yahoo Babelfish for a translation, but I would definitely get any translation you find online confirmed by someone who actually speaks the language. I can tell you it translate like "bearer of rings" etc.
  • We had a bilingual Catholic ceremony. He said his vows in Spanish and I said mine in English; we did parts of the mass in each language (no repeated sections)... We are both bilingual, but Spanish is his native language and English is mine... So that's why we chose to do our mass in both languages. Why are you wanting to have a bilingual service? Can't you ask your FI or FMIL how to translate those words?
  • flower girl-- niña de las floresring bearer-- portador del anillousher-- porteroofficiant-- OficianteIt doesn't matter why you want to have a bilingual ceremony, as long as it is something you and your fiance both want to do and are comfortable with. I hope to be having a bilingual ceremony, although there probably won't be any guests who don't understand English. My fiance and his family are Puerto Rican and I want to show that I embrace their culture. that helps. Best wishes!If you need any more help, please feel free to contact me: ginnygrace84 at gmail dot com
  • [i]It doesn't matter why you want to have a bilingual ceremony, as long as it is something you and your fiance both want to do and are comfortable with. [/i] Ginny, would you be having a bilingual ceremony if your FI's cultural background was the same as yours (not Spanish-speaking)?
  • In my case, I do speak Spanish, but I don't know how to say those words. I know it's!
  • Spanish varies according to country, so you really need to check with some native speakers on the Spanish speaking side of the family to see how they would interpret each role, but here are my thoughts: - Portero doesn't sound right to me for usher. I think it would be acomodador. - In Spain they use "el nino de los anillos" for ring bearer. (The n has the tilde.) - Flower girl could also be florera or florista, but nina de las flores sounds right. (Again with the tilde on the second n in nina.) Definitely check...
  • Thank you:)
  • Ring Bear - portador de anilloFlower girl - niña de las floresUsher - ujier
  • Flower Girl - Ninas de Petalo
    Ring Bearers - Ninos de Anillos

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