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Vow Renewal Chapel Suggestions

The plan is new and kind of a rough outline right now LOL
But the plan is..... for our recommitting /vow renewal ceremony we would like to go to vegas and have it done at one of the chapels there.
it will be just the husband and myself, so no guests etc. just something we want to do for US.
that said, I need help LOL . this is our first vegas trip. we are planning on staying 4 days or so.
So any suggestions on where to look up to have this at ? Thanks :)

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Re: Vow Renewal Chapel Suggestions

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    My parents did their 40th anniversary renewal at the Viva Las Vegas chapel with Elvis.  It was great fun.  Other than that, I have no suggestions as I have no idea what you are looking for....

    Oh, and a picture of the fun in action:

    Now with more wedded bliss.

    I don't get married often, but when I do, I do it in Las Vegas.


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    Treasure Island chapel has awesome renewal packages and everyone there is wonderful!
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    The Wynn also has a renewal ceremony package. What kind of atmosphere/style are you looking for?
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    We were married at Chapel of the Flowers and they perform vow renewals also. When we went back to view our photos, we met a couple who had been married at COF many year ago and go back every 5 years for their vow renewal. They were a really sweet couple!
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    I think most of the places that do weddings have vow renewals as well.  If DH and i ever decide to renew our vows, I think we'd either do the gondola at the Venetian or the Shark Reef at MB.
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    We were planning on renewing our vows in LV but the plans got all switched up and we ended up at another destination.  Anyhoo - I had narrowed it down to Wynn and Caeser's.  Both had good packages - I loved the outdoor locations at CP and the elegance of the Wynn so I was really torn.  Have fun planning and congrats!!!!
    Planning a Vegas Vow Renewal!
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