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Beware of Masterpiece Cuisine


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    Yep, cosign the cosign.
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    In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:91Discussion:45ffaf7f-6a7d-4eeb-b6cf-00f5bd51ec28Post:a557f744-df89-46c6-876c-570047cbced7">Re: Beware of Masterpiece Cuisine</a>:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Beware of Masterpiece Cuisine : No offense but dude,  You're beating a dead horse; the OP hasn't posted in this thread since yesterday and hasn't even returned to respond to your earlier insults. Why keep stiring the pot?  It's been determined that she could have handled things more professionally and asked more questions.  So she wanted to warn people.  People can either take or leave the warning as credible and keep it moving.
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    JMO but I think YOU were the one that got rude first when you responded with this.....

    "As for your "50% deposit for a revised proposal" - forgive me, but I can't help but laugh. I can't imagine anyone paying a 50% deposit for a quote on a catering company for a reunion without having met you, tasted your food OR seeing your production. I will absolutely not pay a fee for you to revise a quote. There are tons of other caterers in Las Vegas who I have gotten revised quotes from who aren't trying to charge me a fee."

    You have to understand that as Scott said - they are paying out of pocket to do tastings. They have to supply the food, their staff, and take up some of their time, and none of this will even guarantee a booking.

    I booked with Scott. He was prompt in replying to me and vise versa. Did I tase his food? Nope. Did I plan on it? Nope, no time. But the lovely members of this forum swear by MP Cuisine and that was good enough for me.

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    Here are some facts about Masterpiece Cuisine:

    Tim Welc and Scott Mahan worked for me in my Game Rental company.  Before coming to work for me, Tim Welc worked for Kahunaville booking events.  Before working for Kahunaville, Tim Welc was a groundskeeper at a Golf course in Primm Nevada.

    In the last month of his employment with me, Tim (the general manager of my company) rarely came into the office.  When I questioned him about this he said I'm working at home on stuff for your company.  I asked why he couldn't do it at the office and he said "trust me".  I told him to let Scott Mahan go as we was not performing as an effective salesman.  Tim said to give him 30 days to work with Scott and he would bring him around.  It turns out what Tim was working on was the creation of Masterpiece Cuisine (unbeknowst to me).  Tim told Scott I wanted him fired and Tim told Scott about MC and they both began working on it (while still on salary for my company).  When I asked Tim where Scott was one day, Tim said he was out doing sales presentations.  We later found out that Scott was travelling out of state to buy restaurant equipment for MC (by tracking his compnay cell phone).  When I began putting the pressure on Tim to come in to the office, he quit.  The very next day the Masterpiece Cuisine website was published.

    The website touted how Tim Welc had studied culinary overseas (which I had never heard). That he had a history and experience that was simply not true based on what I knew about him as an employee of mine. He stated on his website that he was Safe Serve Certified, but when I called to verify this, They had no record of Tim Welc or Masterpiece Cuisine.  They contacted him and forced him to take their logo and claim that he was certified by them off of his website. The about us section on his website was great fictional reading in my opinion.  Even the first few reviews of his service were from his friends and employees "Scott M" and "TJ". 

    Tim Welc has recently popped back up on my radar and I went to his website to see if the about us section still read the same way.  Happily, there is no about us section making false claims.  How do all of these facts impact his food and service, I have no idea.  I've never had his food ort experienced his service.  Having been in business for a few years now I'm sure the bulk of the reveiws are legitimate and I'm sure he's done many successful events. However, for me personally, as an event professional of 29 years I hate to see someone misrepresent their qualifications and background to get business.  If ethics, integrity, and trust are not an issue for you, then an individual who started and built his company on an unethical foundation is probably not a concern for you.
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