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Bare Minerals and Photos...

Hey Guys,

I was curious if any of you have had any experience with wearing Bare Minerals makeup and having professional photos taken? I was reading on another board that Bare Minerals does not photo well. I plan to do my own makeup for my wedding and all I wear is Bare Minerals because it's the only makeup that doesn't make my skin breakout like a 13 year old. Any input is much appreciated.... 

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Re: Bare Minerals and Photos...

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    If it's the only makeup you can wear, then just wear it.  You don't want to break out on your wedding day!  Your photographer can help with any post work that you might need on the photos.  Also, ask your photog, he/she may have some advice for you.
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    I wear that too.  I've never had problems with it in casual snapshots that friends take.  Hmm.  A wedding photog will be getting closer and using higher resolution than my buddies.  It looks good up close in the mirror in direct sunlight, so I just assumed it would be OK. 
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    I did my best friend's makeup for her wedding using all Bare Minerals products and she looked great in her photos.  I did use the Bare Minerals primer to help it last longer.  It was a hot summer day and we did some touch-ups with Mineral Veil for shine.  All in all, I think if you like Bare Minerals go for it!  It would be worse to be all broke out for your wedding pictures.
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    The natural sunscreen in bare minerals, or any makeup with sunscreen for that matter, can make your face look whiter than the rest of your body in flast photography.
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    I've also heard and read numerous times that BM does not photograph well. If you do have to wear it, just try to use more of the matte formulas so you don't get that whiteout effect.
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    I heard due to it being a powder it has a lot of reflective properties.  If your skin isn't oily probably wont be a problem.  I use it on a daily basis but will let my makeup person decide for my wedding day.

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    Yeah I have heard that it does not photograph well, my friend who works in a beauty department says that any face make-up with SPF in it will cause a reflection when you take pictures, so that is something to think about.

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    So how did that end up working out?? I'm in the same boat.
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    I'm not Lindsey but I have more info

    Our photog had no idea either way, so he had me call a MUA.  She said that either the HD makeup from places like Sephora ($40-ish) or Revlon Colorstay ($10 or less) photograph best.  I tried the Revlon kind for our e-pics, and I've been wearing it ever since.  The price also helps since we have a wedding to save for.
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