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What are you going to (or did you) wear on your day?

p.s. posted this on my may board too but never can have too many suggestions

Re: Perfume???

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    Victorias secret NOIR Perfume. Beautiful bottle, sexy classic scent. Its to die for..and affordable! Everytime I wear it I notice my Fiance is wow-ed!
    So it seemed perfectly fitting to wow him on our day.

    Love it, plus it comes in an adorable little classic bottle with the vintage pump spray hande accessory.
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    JM Im totally going to go try some of that, I got a VS gift card for christmas! Smile
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    I'm not usually into perfume, but JM you've made me want to go see what that stuff's all about. lol.

    I was given vera wang perfume as a gift for Christmas.  I don't really wear perfume much, but this one smells really nice, it could be wedding-day-do-able.  I don't know if there's more than one type of vera wang perfume though, so not super-helpful, sorry.
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    I wear Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture.  I like the scent, but definitely nothing else made by them.  Another fave is Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche.  I tend to go for more fruity or clean scents than floral.
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    The only really girly thing about me is that i am obsessed with perfume!  I literally have about 60 full bottles! :-)  My tops:  Hugo for Women (old school, but I always get a guy asking what i am wearing everytime), True Religon (my newest one that i love), Romance for a classic.  Amanda, you should come over. :-) My friends call my closet Sephora. :-)  Oh, and Noir does smell great!  Very strong though.
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    I love the Lucky brand perfume.  I haven't been here yet, but my sister does her perfume shopping here. Its cheaper, supposedly.
  • edited December 2011 is supposedly cheaper! My sister buys her perfume there. I like the Lucky brand perfume.
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    cat, FI wears HUGO for men!! i like itKiss
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    I also LOVE the Noir bottle! FI isn't crazy about the scent though. I am thinking about wearing Romance. It's a classic, it smells good and the name is very fitting. In the end I'll choose based on scent but when I'm shopping names and cute bottles definitely get points :-) I want a picture of my perfume bottle with other various accessories.

    I do want to wear something different than I usually do. After the wedding I will only wear it for special occasions like anniversaries, etc. There's a strong link between scent and memory...although I doubt FI will ever notice when I'm wearing that same will still make me feel special.
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    I don't really wear purfume because strong smells screw up my allergies.  I just wore my normal body spray.
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    I have fallen in love with the new "Twilight Woods" scent from Bath and Body Works.  For a long time I didn't like anything htey had, as it was all too floral or too fruity but this one is a good mix.  The website descrioption is: apricot nectar, mimosa petals, and Tuscan cypress.  My secret santa got me some lotion for Christmas and I loved it so much I went back in after Christmas to buiy some perfume but all the Greensboro stores were sold out :( Still haven't made it back to see if they have any in!
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    I love Alien or Angel. I wear Alien during the spring/summer months and Angel during the fall/winter months.
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