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Weekend progress

This past weekend was wonderful.  I met with my mom and 2 cousins on Sunday to discuss my bridal shower.  We will be having a my fair lady theme, and discussed food, games, drinks, etc.  It is going to be so much fun!  And now that we have a date, I was able to tell my MOH what date we can do for the bachelorette party.  (We're trying to make it a bit easier for some of my friends that want to attend both, but don't live in Portland.)  I have no idea what we are doing for the bachelorette party, so that makes me a little nervous, but it will be ok.  

Then after our lunch meeting, my mom and I went to the fabric store and got the materials for my veil.  We're going to make a simple birdcage veil because I couldn't see spending $100 on a simple birdcage veil at the bridal shop.  The netting at the comb only cost $5, and then I will go to the bead store to get some beads or crystals, but that shouldn't cost more than $5.  I feel very good about that deal.  I'm not generally a DIY girl, but since I'm not working I have the time, and I would just rather focus my funds other places. 

This weekend makes me feel like the wedding is so much more real.  Can't wait! 
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