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Hey ladies!! I have been totally dragging my feet on this last one, but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a JP. We are getting married up at Sugarloaf, so someone closer to there would be favorable. Also, neither of us are religious, so we are just looking for a JP. We just want someone who will run a nice ceremony. I pretty much have everything planned out already, so it shouldn't be hard. :)


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    My boss is a notary and is marrying us, so I don't have any suggestions for you. Have you considered having a friend or family member get ordained online and have them perform the ceremony?
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    That's a great Idea! I am also having an anut that is a notary marry us. I would ask around your friends and family to see if they are or know of a notary. I was surprised when I started talking about my Aunt that's a notary marry us. Several of my friends told me they are notarys and would love to marry us if she decides not to :-)

    Good Luck!!!
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    Along the lines of PPs suggestions of notaries, attorneys licensed to practice in Maine can legally perform marriages in Maine. 

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    Just to echo what everyone else has said, check with your friends and family.  We are having our friend who is a notary marry us.  We really wanted as few outsiders as possible involved in our wedding.  Keeping it  personal is very important to us. I bet you'd be surprised what you come up with once you start checking around!  Good luck. 
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