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I'm looking to have my invitations printed by C&P and also order pocket, mailing and RSVP envelopes. Does anyone know of any coupon codes or other deals for ordering all of these items? Or are there other places you'd suggest that is cheaper?? 


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    Coupon codes for Cards & Pockets are hard to find, they don't give them out very often.  I searched high and low when I ordered my pocketfolds from them and couldn't find anything!
  • I thought that might be the case - seeing as I'm not coming across anything myself! Are there other websites that do a similar job (I ordered samples and really liked them!) for less? Or should I just suck it up and pay full price?

  • I have heard that C&P only does one sale a year (and last year they didn't do it). I believe it's usually around Christmas?

    I used C&P to print out invitations and was very happy with the job they did. That being said, if you have a good home printer and a lot of patience, you can do the same job yourself. But sometimes it's worth it to pay for someone else to handle it. 

    They were actually cheaper for the paper quality than other sites I found, and they ship samples for free which is nice. 
  • I think Magnet street has pocket invites and they are 20 percent off this week. I ordered some samples recently and they were definitely a good quality paper
  • We were quoted by C&P for our invites.  It was more than we expected it would be, and then FI was laid off for a few weeks when we needed to order.  We opted to print them ourselves; they turned out wonderful but man was it a pain in the $%* to print all the inserts and cut to size, etc.  If you want to keep your sanity during the process I suggest bite the bullet and pay for the printing :) LOL
  • I haven't seen a coupon for them. Catprint is having a sale this week. The codes are on their facebook page. They were actually cheaper than C&P for what I needed, but I ended up printing them at OfficeMax because I got a great deal on cardstock at JoAnns. 

    I ordered pearlescent pockets and envelopes from Cards & Pockets, and they were beautiful. I think they have the best prices for those things. 


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    We ordered envelopes, pocket folds and the invite backers from C&P, and bought pre-cut paper at Michaels. We did have to cut them down a little more [I'm a bit type A] -- but if you're really determined to have beautiful AND affordable invites, it's not that bad! lol I would definitely recommend Cards and Pockets. If nothing else, get your pockets there; they're definitely the cheapest. 
    Good luck :) 
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  • We ordered everything through cards and pockets. Their pricing was by far the best I could find for what we wanted. But they rarely have any sales. Like, they have not had any sales or coupons since I started looking last January....

    For printing and cutting of 125 invites with 3 inserts on 100lb. paper. it was $183.75. Plus $232 for 125 pocketfolds, outer envelopes, RSVP envelopes, and extra 100lb cardstock to make our menus and programs. Including shipping, it came out to about $3.38/invite plus 48 cent stamp on RSVP and 65 cent stamp to mail. 
  • Manjermj did they assemble them as well?? I just got a sample pocket from that that I like and was gonna order the cardstock off and have the invites printed at Staples. They can print 12x12 cardstock for $1 and I can get 4 invites on each sheet of cardstock...I just don't want to have to put them together.
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