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Engagement pic

Hi ladies, looking for some suggestions or thoughts on this one.... I have very straight hair & usually wear it that way. I do like to curl it or pencil occasions & my fiancé really wants it in a 1/2 up, 1/2 down curled style for wedding day. What are people thoughts or what have y'all done for engagement pics?? I'm thinking about curling mine for the pics but didn't know if sticking to what you typically look like is best or does it matter?? Thanks!!

Re: Engagement pic

  • Which way makes you feel prettiest and most confident? Whatever the answer is to that question is the answer to your original question.
  • I did mine straight for the engagement pictures (how i normally look) and i am going curly for the wedding.  I did curle the ends a bit for the engagement pictures but that is what i normally do.
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