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  • In Response to <a href=" Club BoardsForum:f0ca0bc1-9255-4120-8042-b40e7f3e99c5Discussion:d08e362b-b2d8-47cb-8954-c841e2c4ad50Post:c7d83141-2a83-4296-9453-b1056e2d9029">:) Let's get to know each other! May 2012 Knottie Info</a>:
    [QUOTE]One random/strange/fun fact about you: We just found out about a little surprise - we are going to have a baby this fall! So looking forward to having he/she as part of our wedding. 
    Posted by thebirdiegirl[/QUOTE]

    Wow! Congratulations, that's really exciting news!

    And welcome :)
  • Well, I've been a May bride for officially 2.5 months, but I figured I'd finally post here.

    Your/FI Name: Liz/Jake
    Your/FI Age: both 28
    Where You Live: Wisconsin (but he's in North Carolina ... )
    What You/FI Do: I'm a science journalist / He's a graduate student in physics

    Wedding Date: May 26, 2012
    Wedding Location: 
    Milwaukee, WI
    Wedding Colors:  Teal, apple green, light aqua

    Favorite check so far:  Everything seems to be falling into place for our "theme": classic with a modern twist. I just bought my dress, so that's exciting (although, a bit nerve-wracking ... it's a big purchase)

    One random/strange/fun fact about you: I'm obsessed with my dog. She's a rescue, we got her two years ago, and will thus be setting up donations to the shelter as part of our registry.
  • i thought I already did this but I guess I never did

    Your/FI Name: Kayla and Cameron
    Your/FI Age: 21/25
    Where You Live: Pittsburgh, PA/Morgantown, WV
    What You/FI Do: RN/RN
    Wedding Date: May 27, 2012
    Wedding Location: Charleston, SC
    Wedding Colors:  Aqua and white
    Favorite check so far: still working on everything so nothing yet
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: My fiance and I have known each other since I was a baby
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  • Your/FI Name: Kate / Andrew
    Your/FI Age: 30/ 27
    Where You Live: Minneapolis MN
    What You/FI Do: Banking/ Sales
    Wedding Date: 5/25/2012
    Wedding Location: Minneapolis, MN
    Wedding Colors:  Pruple & Blue
    Favorite check so far: Just started looking forward to the fun.. 

  • Your/FI Name:  Hannah and Phil

    Your/FI Age: I'm 22 and Phil is 27

    Where You Live: The Outer Banks of NC...Nags Head ...the BEACH!

    What You/FI Do:  I'm in advertising sales for a national company, Phil is head of technology for the same company and a weekend lifeguard just for kicks

    Wedding Date: May 19th :)

    Wedding Location: The Cameron House Inn in Manteo NC (check it out!) and my parents' back yard...we own the inn and our property backs up to the inn.

    Wedding Colors:  black and white with touches of green and gold

    Favorite check so far: photographer! she was just seen in! Lauren Cowart ( her out!) and flowers..i'm VERY particular!

    One random/strange/fun fact about you: I am extremely type-A! Phil and I met when I was 16 at a lingerie party. and we have 3 cats and 1 puppy :)
  • Your/FI Name:  Ashley & Joseph
    Your/FI Age: 21/21
    Where You Live: Shreveport, Louisiana
    What You/FI Do: Both students for a few more weeks also I'm a receptionist at a local business he's works construction both of us will be applying to the police department soon
    Wedding Date: May 19, 2012
    Wedding Location: here in town ceremony is in a church and still working on reception
    Wedding Colors: Black and Hot Pink with White and Silver Accents
    Favorite Check So Far: DRESS!!!!!! By far the best thing the church is a very close second
    One Random/Strange/Fun Fact about you: My FI brother is getting married to my ex roommate who's name is Ashley. Her birthday is the day before mine and we are the same age. They were dating longer than us but we got engaged before them.
  • Your/FI Name: Angela and Matt
    Your/FI Age: 27/29
    Where You Live: Tahlequah, OK
    What You/FI Do: Nurse/ Produce man at walmart
    Wedding Date: May 26, 2012
    Wedding Location: Eureka Springs, AR
    Wedding Colors:  Blue/White/Silver
    Favorite check so far: Dress, reception venue
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: I think I'm a little OCD :( My 7 y/o daughter wants to help out so bad with the decorations and invitations and stuff that i have already started but i can't bring myself to let her!  Need to work on that! Oh and doing just about everything DIY on this wedding except the cake!
  • Your/FI Name: Courtney/Boyd
    Your/FI Age: 20/25
    Where You Live: Maryville, MO (its the northwest corner)
    What You/FI Do: I'm an undergrad studying psychology/he's a farmer
    Wedding Date: May 12, 2012
    Wedding Location: Clarksdale, MO
    Wedding Colors:  Green, Ivory and a hint of purple
    Favorite check so far: Booking the church and I just booked the honeymoon this morning :)
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: My FI and I never imagined meeting. I was raised in California and he was raised out here on the farm. It was totally a God-thing that I came out here to go to college. The rest is history...
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    Your/FI Name: Lena / John
    Your/FI Age: 22 / 23
    Where You Live: Auburn, AL
    What You/FI Do: Full Time Student & Part Time Sub / Software Engineer
    Wedding Date: May 12, 2012
    Wedding Location: Prattville, Alabama
    Wedding Colors:  Black, White, and Blue
    Favorite check so far: Our date! We changed it 3 times! haha!
    One random/strange/fun fact about you:
    I am super competitive and very stubborn. FI is the same way! We butt heads when we play games...which is a lot. We LOVE board games and card games! We play them all the time. We also play Call of Duty together on the XBOX. I laugh when other women complain about the amount of time their b/f/FI/DH plays their video games, because it is SO fun to me! I am also a huge sports fan. I LOVE football, high school, college, and professional! 
  • Your/FI Name:Nichole/Tyrone
    Your/FI Age: 34/33
    Where You Live: Jacksonville,Fl
    What You/FI Do: Underwritier/US NAVY
    Wedding Date: 5/19/12
    Wedding Location: Jacksonville,Fl
    Wedding Colors:  Tiffany Blue
    Favorite check so far: Dress
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: My fianc'ee and I was set up a blind date.  
  • Your/FI Name: Jennifer/Bernard
    Your/FI Age: 29/31
    Where You Live: South Florida
    What You/FI Do: work retail
    Wedding Date: 05/25/2012
    Wedding Location: Bradford House and Gardens in Flowery Branch, GA
    Wedding Colors:  navy and orange
    Favorite check so far: the check for my hair and makeup--don't know why but SO excited about this
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: the first time i ever saw/met my FI, i remember going home and telling my roommate that i met the man i was going to marry-8 years later, here we go!!
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  • Your/FI Name: Kim/Josh
    Your/FI Age: 28/26
    Where You Live: Brooklyn, NY
    What You/FI Do: Public relations/high school teacher
    Wedding Date: May 20, 2012
    Wedding Location: New Rochelle New york
    Wedding Colors:  Coral and Green
    Favorite check so far: Dress
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: My FI and I met on the subway
  • Your/FI Name:  Shea / Zach
    Your/FI Age: both I'm 23 / He's 25
    Where You Live:  Illinois

    What You/FI Do:   I work at an insurance company / He is a welder

    Wedding Date:  
    May 12, 2012 (Nothing has been booked but this is what we are pretty sure we want!)
    Wedding Location:  Illinois

    Wedding Colors:  not 100% sure yet but some type of greens!!  

    Favorite check so far:  Have only been engaged less than a week so nothing yet! lol

    One random/strange/fun fact about you:  My finance and I have been dating for 8 years and have a 1 year old daughter!!  (Not really random or strange, but fun!! :) haha)
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    Your/FI Name: Adriane and Stephen
    Your/FI Age: 22 and 23
    Where You Live: huntersville NC
    What You/FI Do: Hair Stylist and Diesel Mechanic
    Wedding Date: May, 6, 2012
    Wedding Location: Mooresville NC
    Wedding Colors:  Watermelon pink and Marine Blue
    Favorite check so far: Venue and Reception, Dress
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: I have a dog, a turtle and a hedgehog. We love to go off roading.
  • Wow! I've been "away" for a hot minute and there are tons of May 2012 brides! How exciting.

    Your/FI Name: Laura/Mark
    Your/FI Age: 35/27 HAHA! I'm a cougar :)
    Where You Live: Hop-town, KY
    What You/FI Do: Full time Nursing Student & mom to our 2 mos old/Military-Army
    Wedding Date: 19 May 2012
    Wedding Location: Undecided
    Wedding Colors:  Blue/Green/White
    Favorite check so far: Church
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: I've got tattoos (lots of them), but they're only on my right arm. Wierd, but I love them. It's almost a complete sleeve.
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    Your/FI Name: Meagan (Jonathan aka JJ)
    Your/FI Age: 24 (28)
    Where You Live: Murfreesboro, TN
    What You/FI Do: VA Hospital (Military-Army)
    Wedding Date: 5/27/12
    Wedding Location: Tennessee
    Wedding Colors:  Tangerine, dark purple, and yellow
    Favorite check so far: Dresses
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: Just got my motorcycle lisence and a motorcycle this year. Addicted!!! ...thanks to JJ!!
  • I'm finally getting to this lol

    Your/FI Name:
    Lissa & Frank
    Your/FI Age: me 27/ FI-48
    Where You Live: Louisville, KY
    What You/FI Do: Accountant & Wedding/Event Coordinator/  FI-owns a media management Co
    Wedding Date: Up in the Air right now
    Wedding Location: Barbados
    Wedding Colors: Pink & Green 
    Favorite check so far:
    Back to square one right now so no checks
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: I am double jointed and can turn my arms & legs in some weird positions that usually gross everyone out.  I know sign laugage as does my son.


  • Your/FI Name: Cayla/William
    Your/FI Age: 26/25 ...I'm older by about 8 months
    Where You Live: Southern California
    What You/FI Do: SAHM and I'll be going back to school for Anthropology soon/Engineer
    Wedding Date: 05.19.12
    Wedding Location: We are thinking Ontario, California... or around there.
    Wedding Colors:  Black, Silver, and Green (I think)
    Favorite check so far: Setting our wedding date lol! Actually, we know for sure that we will have a Ford Mustang themed wedding.
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: I have done archaeological work before and plan on going back to it soon.

  • Your/FI Name: Angel and Eddie
    Your/FI Age: I'm 25 he's 26
    Where You Live: I live in Belleville Illinois and he lives in Ferguson Missouri, about 40 min away.
    What You/FI Do: I work at Subway and go to school; he works at a resturaunt and goes to school
    Wedding Date: May 12, 2012
    Wedding Location: TBD
    Wedding Colors:  Blue, Purple, Silver
    Favorite check so far: Figuring out my colors
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: I plan to write young adult novels one day
  • Your/FI Name: Hillary + Paul
    Your/FI Age: 27/26
    Where You Live: Just outside Raleigh, NC
    What You/FI Do: We're both environmental scientists working for different engineering firms
    Wedding Date: 5.19.2012
    Wedding Location:Beach ceremony at Fort Fisher State Recreation Area & reception at the NC Aquarium in Kure Beach, NC
    Wedding Colors: Blue + Yellow 
    Favorite check so far:
    Booking the aquarium as our reception venue
    One random/strange/fun fact about you:I started a forest fire when I was only 12 years old! Smoky the Bear still doesn't like me!
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  • Your/FI Name:
    Brittany and AJ
    Your/FI Age:
    25 and 24
    Where You Live:
    Hampton, Va
    You/FI Do:
    Student/ Sprint Sales Rep
    Wedding Date:
    Cinco de Mayo (5/5/2012)
    Wedding Location:
    Newport News, VA
    Wedding Colors: 
    White blue and silver
    Favorite check so far:
    Church and dress
    One random/strange/fun fact about you:
    I'll be making my own dress!!! I'm taking a patternmaking class this semester so that will help.
  • spalkospalko member
    Your/FI Name: Sarah/Tim
    Your/FI Age: 25/22
    Where You Live: Manton, Michigan
    What You/FI Do: Licensed Veterinary Technician/United States Soldier
    Wedding Date: May 26, 2012
    Wedding Location: Ramsdell Theatre, Manistee MI
    Wedding Colors: Purple, white, and black
    Favorite check so far: The location!! Getting married on stage at the theatre is going to be so romantic surrounded by loved one and candles!!
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: I absolutely hate it when the passenger seat in my car is moved. It can't be too far forward because then I feel crowded but it also can't be too far back because then I feel exposed
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  • Your/FI Name: Laurie & Sean
    Your/FI Age: 26/31
    Where You Live: Margate, NJ
    What You/FI Do: I run a theatre company and an architecture firm/He owns his own business.
    Wedding Date: May 19, 2012
    Wedding Location: Haverford, PA
    Wedding Colors: Purple and ?
    Favorite check so far: The Venue - It's a one of a kind private estate.
    One random/strange/fun fact about you:  My fiance and I fell in love over music and our mutual affinity for the movie Clue. 
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  • Your/FI Name: Bethany & Brendan
    Your/FI Age: 23 & 25
    Where You Live: Buffalo, NY & Newport,RI
    What You/FI Do: Completing Masters in Speech Patholoy & Naval Officer
    Wedding Date: May 26, 2012
    Wedding Location: Buffalo, NY
    Wedding Colors:  (still workin on that)
    Favorite check so far: Ceremony location is my only check :( lol
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: We both love sailing and being by the water :-)
  • Your/FI Name: Kelly/Martin
    Your/FI Age: 25/27
    Where You Live: Dallas
    What You/FI Do: Nurse/Video production
    Wedding Date: 2/26/11
    Wedding Location: Houston
    Wedding Colors:  Plum, Lavender and Gray
    Favorite check so far: Our first and ONLY check: Venue! I love it! We're having our reception at a trendy downtown hotel
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: I used to love looking at wedding stuff and "pretend planning." Now that I actually have to plan our wedding, I have NO CLUE what I want or where to begin!!
  • je6576aje6576a member

    Your/FI Name: Jackie and Luis
    Your/FI Age: 22/23
    Where You Live: NY
    What You/FI Do: Tourism/Army
    Wedding Date: May 4, 2012
    Wedding Location: NY
    Wedding Colors: Red, Aqua, White
    Favorite check so far: I picked out a feather fascinator before my dress; now I have to find a dress around my hairpiece :)
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: We’re both unabashed nerds

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    Your/FI Name: Amy/Marcus
    Your/FI Age: 18/24
    Where You Live: Texas
    What You/FI Do: We're both managers at McDonalds.
    Wedding Date: May 12th, 2012
    Wedding Location: Haven't picked one yet.
    Wedding Colors: Turquise/Purple
    Favorite check so far: Hmmm...none yet.
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: My FI was in the same graduating class as my sister-in-law, so she and my brother already knew him and approved when we started dating last year.

    EDITED-Wedding date changed!
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  • Your/FI Name: Lindsey/Colton
    Your/FI Age: 19/20
    Where You Live: Southwest VA, our towns are about 15 miles apart
    What You/FI Do: I'm a nursing student and work at a grocery store til I graduate/He is a coal miner!
    Wedding Date:May 19, 2012
    Wedding Location: A church in my hometown more than likely
    Wedding Colors:  Navy blue, green, with purple accents (We are doing basically jewel tones with a peacock theme
    Favorite check so far: Don't really have any...
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: I have a serious, serious obsession with the country singer Jason Aldean. I've seen him 4 times since August and have been as far as Georgia and Ohio, just to go to a show!
  • I can't remember if I did this already or not, but I'm hardly on the boards.

    Your/FI Name:  Ashley & Joe
    Your/FI Age:  I'm 26, he's 25 (there's a 4 month difference)
    Where You Live:  Fresno, CA
    What You/FI Do:  I am going to be starting a new job as a third party biller, and he is in graphic design
    Wedding Date:  May 19, 2012
    Wedding Location:   Dante Club, Fresno, CA
    Wedding Colors:   Lapis & Ivory
    Favorite check so far:  Getting the venue!
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: We're both huge Star Wars geeks!
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  • Your/FI Name: Christine and Zach
    Your/FI Age: 20 and 21
    Where You Live: Jacksonville, FL
    What You/FI Do: Both currently students at UF... graduating in the spring, and then getting married the following weekend!
    Wedding Date: May 12, 2012
    Wedding Location: First Baptist Church in Downtown Jax, and the reception is at Ruth's Chris Riverfront!
    Wedding Colors:  Blue and Yellow
    Favorite check so far: The reception location (and menu)!  I love that we're having it at a restaurant instead of the beach or a hotel.
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: We're high school sweethearts!
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