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    Your/FI Name: Jennifer and Michael
    Your/FI Age: 25/29
    Where You Live: Palm Harbor, Florida
    What You/FI Do: Cosmo Student/ Allstate CS
    Wedding Date: May 26th
    Wedding Location: Clearwater,FL
    Wedding Colors:  Blk, White, Tiff Blue
    Favorite check so far: flowers
    One random/strange/fun fact about you:I shop like crazy, Like i hide stuff in my trunk where the spare tire goes so it doesnt look like i bought so much in one day, lol
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    Your/FI Name: Dayna & Travis
    Your/FI Age: 32/34
    Where You Live: Kansas City
    What You/FI Do: student / mechanic
    Wedding Date: 5/12/2012
    Wedding Location: Kansas City
    Wedding Colors:  Peacock Blue/Silver
    Favorite check so far: Hair
    One random/strange/fun fact about you:My FI and I met when he was still overseas in Afg.  We emailed for a few months (he's my cousin's husband's best friend) then he came home for his brother's wedding and we got to meet...the rest is history!
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    Your/FI Name:  Lindsey & Nelson
    Your/FI Age: 25 & 28
    Where You Live: Howell, New Jersey
    What You/FI Do: Promotional Planner & Paramedic
    Wedding Date: May 26th, 2012
    Wedding Location: Allaire State Park Church
    Wedding Colors:  Green, Orange & White
    Favorite check so far: Church! Our only one!
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: Today is my FIRST DAY on the Knot! :)

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    Your/FI Name: Tanya and Chris
    Your/FI Age:  33-37
    Where You Live: Indiana
    What You/FI Do: Executive Assistant to the VP / IT at Schools
    Wedding Date: May 19,2012 (my brothers birthday)
    Wedding Location: Church and reception at Matterhorn
    Wedding Colors:  Black/Red/Silver
    Favorite check so far: Wedding Dress shopping with my Bridal party.
    One random/strange/fun fact about you:  I love to cook but dont like to use recipes.
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    Your/FI Name: Bretanya and Michael
    Your/FI Age: 29 & 29
    Where You Live: MD
    What You/FI Do: HR Assist/ Geospatial analysis
    Wedding Date: 5/20/2012 YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!
    Wedding Location: La Fontaine Bleue
    Wedding Colors: aubergine, silver and wg=hite
    Favorite check so far: purchasing my dress
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: I'm a DIY Bride, I made all of the bouquets...strassed out my shoes and I made the boutonnieres :)
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    Names: Hillary & Anthony
    Ages: 24 and 23 (only 3 months apart)
    Where we live: south shore area in MA
    What we do: I work at a day hab and he does security & ems
    wedding date: 5-12-12!!! <3
    wedding location: my hometown in MA
    Wedding colors: Navy Blue & Fuschia!
    Favorite Check: my dress and my shoes and the invitations!
    one fun fact: our first pet together is a guinea pig! :)

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    Your/FI Name:
     Aimee & Daniel

    Your/FI Age: 
    25 and 26

    Where You Live: 
    We live in Scottsdale, Arizona

    What You/FI Do: 
    I am a Transformational Life Coach, and he is an Automotive Technician that owns his own repair company.

    Wedding Date: 
    5-12-12!! Looks like its a popular date ;)

    Wedding Location: 
    Sedona, Arizona at the beautiful L'Auberge on Oak Creek.

    Wedding Colors:  
    Lavender and Sage green with Champage accents <3

    Favorite check so far:
     My dress of course! Doing our save the dates was really fun too, since it was a DIY project that I made <3

    One random/strange/fun fact about you: 
    We have literally not spent one day apart since the day we met, more than a year ago! We celebrate our anniversary as the day we met <3
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    Your/FI Name: Jennefer/Matthieu

    Your/FI Age: 21/22

    Where You Live: Small town in Nevada

    What You/FI Do: Homemaker/Manager at Grocery Store

    Wedding Date: 05/18/12

    Wedding Location: Sanders Family Winery, Nevada

    Wedding Colors:  Copper, Red, Chocolate

    Favorite check so far: Having everything figured out, just gotta pay for it Wink

    One random/strange/fun fact about you: We are both born in July. For 2 weeks exactly I'm the same age as him.
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    Your/FI Name: Renee/Javon
    Your/FI Age: 32/35
    Where You Live: NJ
    What You/FI Do: Claims Adjuster/IT support
    Wedding Date: 5/4/12
    Wedding Location: Rock of Salvation Church/Five Points Inn
    Wedding Colors: Apple/Black/White
    Favorite check so far: honeymoon.....Cancun baby here i come!!!
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: I am obsessed with ranch dressing on everything!!!Embarassed
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    Your/FI Name: Andrea & Jason
    Your/FI Age: 36/37
    Where You Live: San Diego, CA
    What You/FI Do: Andrea-Defense Contractor Jason-Alaskan Fisherman (if you've seen the Deadliest Catch then you have seen what he does) ;)
    Wedding Date: 5/12/12
    Wedding Location: Big Bear, CA
    Wedding Colors:  Coral and Light Green
    Favorite check so far: My dress....I am in love w/ it :)
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: My fiancee was my high school crush for three years but I was to shy to ever talk to him. He graduated a year before me and I never saw him after that. Well I moved to San Diego and got married to the WRONG person! After 12 years of marriage, it ended and so I went back home to Orange County to celebrate my divorce with some old high school 

    friends and I ran into him. 5 years later here we are...I am marrying my high school crush, best friend & the love of my life!! :)

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    Your/FI Name: Kayla/Dustin
    Your/FI Age: 24/25
    Where You Live: Angola, Indiana
    What You/FI Do: Nanny/Teacher at Indy Blind school
    Wedding Date: May 26, 2012
    Wedding Location: Angola, Indiana
    Wedding Colors:  Purple and Silver
    Favorite check so far: Dress
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: We have been together since sophmore year of high school-- getting married on our 8th year anniversary
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    Your/FI Name: Kathryn/Mike
    Your/FI Age: 30/34
    Where You Live: Boston, MA
    What You/FI Do: We both work in Information Security
    Wedding Date: May 11, 2012
    Wedding Location: Devon, PA
    Wedding Colors:  We're not doing much of a theme or colors, but our invitations are blue and silver
    Favorite check so far: Officiant
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: We met in college and have been best friends for over a decade. People have been asking us if we are married for years before we even started dating. For being tough, sarcastic people, we are really disgusting with each other. 
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    Your/FI Name: Andrea & Dev
    Your/FI Age:  53/53
    Where You Live: Denver, CO
    What You/FI Do: me- lawyer - FI- owns construction biz
    Wedding Date: May 27, 2012
    Wedding Location: Broomfield, Colorado
    Wedding Colors: ivory, black, gold and touch of red-orange
    Favorite check so far: getting tablescapes done
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: We have the exact same birthday, born twelve hours apart.  Our kids are all born on the 27th of the month.  Both of our oldest children were born in the same year and my youngest child and a child he lost in childbirth would have been born on the same day in the same year.  Weird huh?!
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    Your/FI Name:   Sheless/Erik
    Your/FI Age:   Both 34
    Where You Live:   Minneapolis, MN
    What You/FI Do:   IT Consultant/Corporate Chef
    Wedding Date:   May 18, 2012
    Wedding Location:   Minneapolis, MN
    Wedding Colors:  Ivory, Black, Slate, Sage
    Favorite check so far:   Cake Selection - My FH got to create his own flavor combination for one of our flavors and was so excited
    One random/strange/fun fact about you:  FI was the only person I ever responded to while having an online dating profile
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    Hi May 2012 Knotties!! Here's my info...

    Your/FI Name: Cassie & Nick
    Your/FI Age: Both 24; I am older by 3 1/2 weeks! ;)
    Where You Live: Indiana
    What You/FI Do: Service Rep at a Credit Union; Nick works at an online music gear company
    Wedding Date: 5/19/12!
    Wedding Location: Colorado
    Wedding Colors:  pink (all different shades!), ivory
    Favorite check so far: My dress!!!!!! I have had my 1st fitting and it is so beautiful. Also, making arrangements with our pastor. We are so blessed to have a pastor we know and trust to officiate our ceremony. We are having some pre marriage pastoral sessions to get ready and aware!!
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: I have a music degree with a psychology minor. I thought I wanted to go on to get a MSW, but I'd really love to be a worship leader one day!
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    Your/FI Name: Kimberly & Christian Your/FI Age: both 23 Where You Live: Boise, ID What You/FI Do: both students at Boise State. I teach English at BSU and he works at a grocery store Wedding Date: May 19 Wedding Location: Boise Wedding Colors:  pink, white, and orange Favorite check so far: invites Fun fact: we're both German/American, so we're incorporating both languages in to our wedding.
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    Your/FI Name: Millissa/Kris
    Your/FI Age: 28/29
    Where You Live: Fargo, ND
    What You/FI Do: Call Center for a Nationwide Bank/IT guy :-) yep, he's a smarty pants
    Wedding Date: 5/1/12 & 5/5/12
    Wedding Location: Fargo, ND
    Wedding Colors: Navy Blue and Silver
    Favorite check so far: getting the venue of my dreams :-) SO pretty!!
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: We have 2 wedding dates. Our official date will be 5/1 in honor of that being my grandparents wedding anniversary and when he asked me to be his girlfriend. 5/5 is when we're doing the public ceremony for the extended friends and family. ALSO! we originally met in Kindergarden and were friends way back then, only to reconnect at the local grocery store several years after graduation.
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    Your/FI Name: Veronica and Jimmie
    Your/FI Age: both 34
    Where You Live: Texas
    What You/FI Do: I am a Vendor Relations Manager and he works with a friend of ours doing just about anything :)
    Wedding Date: May 12, 2012
    Wedding Location: San Angelo, TX
    Wedding Colors:  Wildberry Blue and Cream (  i know that's out, I wanted country blue but couldnt find anything in one shade!)
    Favorite check so far: We ordered our wedding rings on Valentine's Day! Smile
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: We've been engaged for 6 years. And we actually dated in High School....
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    Your/FI Name:  Emma & Zach
    Your/FI Age: 28/27
    Where You Live: 
    Northern VA (30 mins from DC)
    What You/FI Do:   Speech Pathologist/Commercial Airline Pilot

    Wedding Date: 
    May 26, 2012
    Wedding Location: 
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Wedding Colors: 
    green, soft pink, ivory
    Favorite check so far: 
    I'd have to say either the venue or the dress - definitely tough to pick between the two.
    One random/strange/fun fact about you:  I'm addicted to watching the Food Network, and I also love to run!!
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    Your/FI Name: Lindsay & Peter
    Your/FI Age: 32/31
    Where You Live: San Francisco
    What You/FI Do: Marketing/Product designer
    Wedding Date: 5.11.12
    Wedding Location: New York, NY
    Wedding Colors:  kelly Green & Black
    Favorite check so far: Finalizing the reception venue
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: I was a vegetarian until I was 21 and now I can't get enough meat!
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    I have been looking for a mauvy/ pink dress, and I think it's an up & coming color along with the neutrals that every maker may have in the next year or so, but I can't find a long one anywhere!!!  Is that your bridesmaides dress color? 
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    Your/FI Name: Laura & Joel
    Your/FI Age: 31/32
    Where You Live: Greenville, MI
    What You/FI Do: School Psychologist/Social Worker
    Wedding Date: 5-26-2012
    Wedding Location: Muskegon, MI
    Wedding Colors:  purple, yellow, & white
    Favorite check so far: Getting my wedding dress
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: I have never had a cavity. 
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    Your/FI Name:  Lenora/James
    Your/FI Age:  28/33
    Where You Live: Atlanta, GA
    What You/FI Do: PR/ Contractor & Baseball Player
    Wedding Date:   5/11/12
    Wedding Location: Savannah, GA
    Wedding Colors:  teal, orange, vanilla
    Favorite check so far: location, hotel reservations, dinner reservations....
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: I am the bride who changes her mind every other day and has no idea what kind of wedding I want. I'm literally making everything up as I go. I never dreamed of my wedding day and will be the first of all my closest friends to get married. Although as I'm planning the details, I'm learning what I want, I'm having the greatest time planning my wedding! We are having a very intimate wedding in May and will do a big wedding for all of our family & friends next May. #exciting

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    Your/FI Name: Jessica/Harold.
    Your/FI Age: 20/21.
    Where You Live: Wade, North Carolina.
    What You/FI Do: I'm an insurance agent at Nationwide and he works with his dad's landscaping business.
    Wedding Date: May 12, 2012 :)
    Wedding Location: Howard House in Dunn, North Carolina.
    Wedding Colors:  Black & red.
    Favorite check so far: His tux :)
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: My fiance and I went to the same high school and graduated together, but didn't start talking until we added each other on MySpace.
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    Your/FI Name:  Stephanie & Brandon
    Your/FI Age: Both 21
    Where You Live: 
    What You/FI Do:   I am a community outreach coordinator at a Cancer Resource Center, and my fiance is a Material Handler at an electrical shop.

    Wedding Date: 
    May 19, 2012
    Wedding Location: 
    Folsom Community Center in Folsom, California
    Wedding Colors: 
    Dark Purple, Lavendar, Silver, White
    Favorite check so far: 
    My dress
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: When I am stressed, I clean and organize my home. Needless to say it has been very clean lately! :)
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    My fiance and I also went to the same high school, and middle school, but didn't start talking until the last month of senior year. We started dating within about two weeks of knowing each other. Both of us knew right away that we would always be together. :)
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    Your/FI Name: McKinzey/Andrew
    Your/FI Age: 22/24
    Where You Live: Mattoon, Wisconsin
    What You/FI Do: Cashier and Full-time Student/Yard Foreman at a Veneer Mill and We own our own construction business
    Wedding Date: 5/12/12
    Wedding Location: Antigo and Mattoon, Wisconsin
    Wedding Colors: Black and White
    Favorite check so far: Our photographer and DJ they are both amazing!!!
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: I am obsessed with Eric Church and Coffee!!! I also color coordinate my closet!
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    Your/FI Name: Laura & Mike
    Your/FI Age: 27/30
    Where You Live: Orange Park, Florida
    What You/FI Do: Teacher/Optometrist
    Wedding Date: 5-25-12
    Wedding Location: Orange Park, Florida
    Wedding Colors: Plum-Wisteria-Ivory
    Favorite check so far: I hired an event company, PRI Productions, I love them!
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: I grew up as a very sick child going to the hospital about every year until I moved to Florida. Since I have been here (5 years) I have been hospital free! Whoo hoo!
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    Your/FI Name: Angel/Eddie
    Your/FI Age: 26/27
    Where You Live: I live in Belleville, Illinois and he lives 40 minutes away from me in Ferguson, Missouri.
    What You/FI Do: I work at a company doing data entry for dental claims and he works at a freight logistics company.
    Wedding Date: May 12, 2012!
    Wedding Location: St. Louis, Missouri
    Wedding Colors:  Blue, Purple, Silver
    Favorite check so far: The reception hall...I love it and I can't wait til the night! My dress is a close second!
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: I'm hoping to become a young adult author one day soon...trying hard to get published!
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    Your/FI Name: Sarah/ Jason

    Your/FI Age: I'm 25, he's 41
    Where You Live:  Joplin, MO
    What You/FI Do: I'm in billing at a hospital medical equipment company and he's a CNC machinist
    Wedding Date: 5/19/12
    Wedding Location: Small country church across the road from our home :)
    Wedding Colors: Yellow, Brown, and White (with some green accents)
    Favorite check so far: my dress and my boots
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: I have a phobia of clowns... Like, SERIOUS phobia... I can't even see one on tv... my poor son will never get to go to the circus! lol!!
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