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Let's get to know each other! May 2012 Knottie Info


Re: Let's get to know each other! May 2012 Knottie Info

  • Your/FI Name:  Lindsay/Chris
    Your/FI Age: 27/29
    Where You Live:  New Orleans, LA
    What You/FI Do:   Author/Car Detailer
    Wedding Date:   May 5th
    Wedding Location:   New Orleans area
    Wedding Colors:   None/we are just having a ceremony at the Justice of the Peace with close friends and family
    Favorite check so far:  Booking the official date
    One random/strange/fun fact about you:  I have a brother named Chris and he has a sister named Lindsey.  It can get confusing especially when FMIL can't get the spelling of my name down without spelling it like his sister's.  LOL
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  • Your/FI Name: Jamael and Nick
    Your/FI Age: 24 and 23
    Where You Live: Cleveland, OH
    What You/FI Do: Middle School Education, Financial Analyst
    Wedding Date: 5/26/12
    Wedding Location: Akron Art Museum
    Wedding Colors:  purple and green
    Favorite check so far: Choosing the venue
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: Our cake is going to have amethyst crystal spears on it! (I have a BS in Geology, so this is crazy cool for me!)
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  • Your/FI Name: Angelyn and Nick

    Your/FI Age: Both 24

    Where You Live: Nashville, TN

    What You/FI Do: RN at Vanderbilt/ Floor Tech and Nashville Airport

    Wedding Date: 5/11/12

    Wedding Location: Coe College-Cedar Rapids, IA

    Wedding Colors:  Dark Red, Navy and Silver Sparkles

    Favorite check so far: Getting my dress or my Bachelorette with my girls!

    One random/strange/fun fact about you: Brushing my teeth is relaxing to me when I'm stressed, so now my teeth will be
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  • Your/FI Name: Denise / Erik
    Your/FI Age: 45 / 53
    Where You Live: Kailua, Hawaii
    What You/FI Do: Executive Assistant / Computer Tech
    Wedding Date: May 19, 2012
    Wedding Location: Kualoa Ranch, Kaaawa, Hawaii
    Wedding Colors:  Blue
    Favorite check so far: Location 
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: It's my second marriage,but first wedding.  Having so much fun planning the wedding of our dreams (and keeping it super budget)
  • Geez I can't believe I just found this thread 14 days before the big day,

    Your/FI Name: Alana/ Brandon
    Your/FI Age: 27/28
    Where You Live: Atlanta
    What You/FI Do: Attorney/ Military and Attorney
    Wedding Date: 5.25.12
    Wedding Location: Dreams Los Cabo, MX
    Wedding Colors:  Grey and Yellow
    Favorite check so far: Location
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: My favorite food is peanut butter and I am so allergic to it.
  • In Response to Re:Let's get to know each other! May 2012 Knottie Info: Your/FI Name: victoria tyrone Your/FI Age: 22 24 Where You Live: currently Coatesville, Pennsylvania What You/FI Do: I'm a Full time Hairstylist He just joined the army ManagerWedding Date: Friday 5/10/12 Wedding Location: Greenville, SC Wedding Colors: undecided. So far I like lavender and baby blue Favorite check so far: telling the family. Just got engaged last week: One random/strange/fun fact about you: I dance, sing, and write.
  • Your/FI Name: Emily / Robert
    Your/FI Age: 24 / 29
    Where You Live: Wayne, PA
    What You/FI Do: Medical Assistant & Registered Dietitian / Baseball coach & grad student
    Wedding Date: May 25
    Wedding Location: Lancaster, PA
    Wedding Colors:  Teal, Purple, with accents of peach or gold (not sure which yet)
    Favorite check so far: Engagement photots for our save-the-dates and the Dress!
    One random/strange/fun fact about you: I used to be a ski instructor, and that's how my fiance and I met :)
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