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Made me tear up

So ladies I seriously found the coolest processional song version of canon in d. My brother plays guitar, my cousin violin, and SIL piano and I want them to play it for me. Honestly picturing it makes me tear up I'm so excited!! Check it out below http://www.youtube.com/watch?vYbr5g8d7HtAfeatureyoutube_gdata_player
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Re: Made me tear up

  • Everytime I listen to my processional song, I get teary eyed. I know I'm going to cry coming down that aisle.
  • Me too... And the thought of all the people that I really care about playing it for me is just so sweet. Ah, makes me just start welling up.
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  • The link doesn't work :( I absolutely love the Canon in D, I played the flute for 12 years and it was one of my favorite pieces to play.

    I think I'm going to walk down the aisle to something different, my step-mom passed away a few years ago and I plan on playing one of her favorite songs by Enya(instrumental version only) FI said I should honor her somehow in the wedding and this is the best way I can think of. 
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  • Oh that sounds beautiful! That's a bummer the link didn't work. You can YouTube canon in d violin rock... Blow your mind. It's awesome. A little more upbeat at the end then what I want but ultimately still cool.
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  • Wow! That's pretty incredible! What a fun way to change up such a popular wedding song. Your guests are going to be so surprised :) 
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