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    [QUOTE]Just wanted to give a little update. BF and I talked and we agreed to completely table the marriage discussion. I didn't realize this but constantly thinking of our future was making me anxious and a bit crazy. And he admitted that the marriage talk was beginning to make him nervous. Ever since it was brought up a few weeks ago (he brought it up btw), things got out of hand and I went a little crazy for a while.  As for the moving in together, we also decided to push that back to February of next year. That way, not only do we have plenty of time to save money but <strong>we can just date for a while and enjoy our relationship the way it is now</strong>. Thanks for the advice anyway. I admit, it stung a bit but I needed to hear it. It's weird but ever since we decided to stop discussing marriage, things between us seem to be lighter and the pressure is off. And now I feel happy and much more relaxed. 
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    <div>This is always. ALWAYS <strong>ALWAYS</strong> a good idea. I'm glad you guys had that chat.</div>
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