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If you got married where you first met...


Re: If you got married where you first met...

  • 10th grade world history class. Oh that would be so bad.
  • We first really met and hung out goin to see a show in NYC and then going to a tappas restaurant.  That would actually be ok.


  • haha this is funny!
    We'd get married in the home of my former boyfriend.  Funny thing is all that were there were at our wedding anyway.  It would be a tight squeeze but former bf had a big house and yard.  He's a minister now so he could have married us!
  • Ex and I would have to get married in the retail store we both worked at at the time.  Which is no longer in business.  The space is now a Foot Locker, so I suppose we could have done it there.
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    [QUOTE]Ex and I would have to get married in the retail store we both worked at at the time.  Which is no longer in business.  The space is now a Foot Locker, so I suppose we could have done it there.
    Posted by RebeccaB88[/QUOTE]

    You couldve worn some awesome Nikes under your dress, GM couldve worn some Air Jordans & your BMs couldve worn those sexy referre coustumes, you know just so they match the employees.
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  • We met online, but our first physical meeting was at Applebees.  I think I like our actual venue a little bit better hehe ;)

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  • We would be married at Steak n Shake. College buddies were all  hanging out and he tagged along with one of our mutual friends.
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  • These answers are so awesome.

    We met a NYC version of a biker bar.  I was in golf clothing from playing pub golf.  Getting married there would be interesting, they don't serve food and you need a tetnous shot to use the bathroom.
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  • We would be married in our local, warehouse-style gym. He was running the track (marathoner) and I was stretching on the mats. I imagine a bunch of sweaty people all around us as guests and the recepation at the gym's juice bar. Hmm...I will take our beach wedding any day over that! :)
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  • wittykitty14wittykitty14 member
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    We'd be getting married in the trombone section during a band rehearsal in college.  This is funny, because we considered getting married on the stage there :)

    Edited: Added more stuff :)
  • We'd be getting married in his college apartment. With his horrible roommate there. *shudder* If it was our first date, it would be Cheesecake Factory, which wouldn't be too bad. Man, I wish they made wedding cakes.
  • We'd be getting married in our college's school of music lobby.  We were both pledging music fraternities at the time and his duty was to sell dunkin donuts as a fundraiser for their frat.  Sounds like a pretty good wedding cake!
  • We would be getting married in the garage of our friends house that she moved out of ten years ago.  I believe the garage roof collapsed before she moved out of should be pretty spacious.


    June 1, 2013 - finally making it official!

  • If we married when we first met it would be in the lobby of a Mormon church-it was at the wedding of mutual friends. If we got married where we had our first real date,years later, it would be Olive Garden, which, no.
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  • Great spin off from the other post!  Me and FH would be getting married in an Irish pub that has since closed down.  Or if we got married where we had our first date it would be at the movies where we went to watch "Hugo".  Ehh...I'm not too big a fan of either spot.  You guys had much more fun places where you met except for the nursing home one!  That strong antiseptic smell would not be too romantic. Ha Ha 
  • Mine isn't that fun. We would have been married at our elementary school in the kindergarten area. All the guests would have to sit on those tiny little chairs. There could be finger painting and circle time. At least there is playground if people get bored.


  • We would be getting married on Skype wedding maybe?

    Or we could go with the site of our first date: Buffalo Wild Wings. That actually could be kinda fun. Football on the TV's in the background, lots of beer and foods covered in cheese, plus wings? Yep, that's a recipe for awesome. :-D 
  • We met in a winetasting class at the local university. We did sort of recreate it for our wedding celebration after our DW. We asked our instructor to lead our friends and family in a mini wine tasting class. It wasn't at the school, but it was tons of fun!
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    We'd be married at a camp where we went for a retreat with an honors program at the local community college. That retreat was so awful. I'll be nice and use the term "rustic" to describe the camp, although there are many other adjectives I can think of.

    ETA: If we were getting married where we had our first date, it would be in the woods surrounding an old insane asylum/women's institution - people call it different things, though I think it's techinically just an abandoned women's institution. We were wandering around downtown and went there after dinner at Friendly's.
  • We'd have to get married in the apartment of an old friend, which they moved out of 5 years ago (sorry new tenants), we'd have to play hacky sack, and it would have to be in their living room where we spent the night making out... And since it was NYE when we met, there would have to be lots of booze in the form of Jaegarbombs, Cpt Morgan and lord knows what else we drank that night(which we don't drink anymore) and pretzels. 

    It would have to be a late night ceremony, and instead of an after party, we'd have to go to Starbucks the next morning...  to continue the date...  

    Maybe that's why my parents prefer to think that we met online instead of through my friends...  
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: If you got married where you first met...</a>:
    [QUOTE]We'd get married on my blog.  Or Twitter.  Or CatholicMatch.  Depends on how you want to look at it.
    Posted by TXKristan[/QUOTE]

    <div>People hold live chats and reenact movies on Twitter. I bet someone has or will have a wedding over Twitter at some point.</div>
  • We'd be getting married at this small community college in a somewhat rural area in New York. I was a publisher's rep who represented that school and he was a consultant at my company and we met up there to present some new course materials. 

    It would be a terrible wedding because we'd have to use their cafeteria to cater the event. They aren't allowed to bring in outside catering. Their cafeteria food is awful. I have bad memories of forcing some gross sandwich down my throat to not be rude.
  • We met in our high school auditorium for one-act play tryouts. For a wedding space, it has plenty of chairs, a stage, good lighting.. I mean, it could work. We'd really just have to set up food and drinks, because there is no way I'm going back to high school cafeteria food... Blegh, I didn't even eat it when I went there. 
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  • I'd be getting married in a college dining hall.
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  • Sweet!!  He saw me at a roller derby match.  That would be fun.  My dress could be a short white tulle skirt with torn fishnets.  We'd skate down the aisle and my MOH would actually be the ScoreHoar (the actualy name of the girls who skates around and displays the score).  Suicide seats would be reserved for VIP's and we'd be guzzling beer in red solo cups all night.  
    I actually really wanted some photos of me in my dress and skates, but I wasn't haulling those all the way down to Hawaii

  • My FI and I would be getting married on a school bus...that's where we officially met in high school...not exactly my ideal location for a wedding!
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  • So the very, very, very first time we met it was in the parking lot of a pizza joint. On a double date. With our now ex-SOs. Whom we both broke up with on horrible terms (She was cheating, he was an abusive prick).

    And the pizza joint was shut down years ago.

    All in all, I have zero regrets about NOT getting married where we first met.

    *I felt sorry for my husband before I met him. Take a number.*

  • tlc35tlc35 member
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: If you got married where you first met...</a>:
    [QUOTE]We would be married in a large parking lot surrounded by drunk friends tailgating for a Bengals football game.... in line for the port-o-let.  Sounds perfectly romantic to me. 
    Posted by GoofyAssChick[/QUOTE]
    This made me LOL picturing a wedding by the Port o potties.
    We met on Eharmony, but our first physical meeting was a local restaurant which might actually be OK especially since there is a little courtyard area next to it where they have concerts in the spring and fall.
  • We grew up in a very agricultural area...and met, obviously, at a vineyard party.  Way better than the Orchard parties, because there were never surprise bees when you went to pop a squat...
  • We'd have gotten married in a disco/private parties club, which is where a friend of mine celebrated her 18th birthday and I met H.
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