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If you got married where you first met...


Re: If you got married where you first met...

  • Our official wedding would take place on plenty of fish.

    If we did it according to the first date our cocktail hour would be at my favorite dive bar where I knew the owner and felt safest on my internet first dates. The ceremony would be at a haunted house and the reception would be at a different bar with nearly 100 beers on tap (aka heaven). We would then honeymoon in a corn maize for approximately 4 hours and you'd have to call work and let them know you'd be late.

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    J + A [4-15-13] + JJ [1-22-14] 
  • We would be married at the swim school we worked at! 
  • If we got married where we first met, we'd also have an online wedding... probably via webcam or something.
    Fi and I originally met on a dating site in the chatroom. I blogged there and chatted occasionally, even though I was mostly bombarded with men looking to "hook up". But there fi was, just looking to fill time and make conversation. 

    But the first time we met in person, it was at the old bus stop where he picked me up. That building is now being used as an Atlantic Cirque training center so that has the potential to be an extremely entertaining wedding.
    Married as of June 22, 2013!!!

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    [QUOTE]We met on match.  That would be an interesting and cheaper wedding.  
    Posted by snippet17[/QUOTE]

    HA! Same for my husband and I... I actually tried to get to sponsor our wedding so we wouldn't have to fork out so much cash... That was a fail.
  • Lol ours would be our middle school gymnasium. Could work...sort of
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