Veil or No Veil

Part of me wants to wear a veil but my ceremony is outside and I hate the veil in face look.  Not sure what to do.  I'm thinking just a special hair piece but I am wondering if it will be as stunning.  Are you wearing a veil or a hair piece?  
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Re: Veil or No Veil

  • Veil! But not in front of my face, just behind me.
  • I wore a veil...I didn't really care much about it one way or the other at first, but I ended up LOVING it...even more than my dress!  I wore a floor length veil and I was thrilled with it, and it looks gorgeous in the photos.  However, I got married indoors, so it was a little easier. 
  • I was outside and had a veil. We were out of the wind for the ceremony, so I wasn't worried about it then. Taking pictures earlier, in the wind, was awful. Kept having to turn around. If you are worried about it, why not have a birdcage veil?
  • I bought a veil and started having second thoughts yesterday. We are outside too. I even called the store to ask about their return policy. Then I opened it and fell in love with it all over again. I think I'm sticking to it. :
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  • i plan on wearing a ceremony is outside as well...i am hoping to not having it blowing in my face and am going to buy some weights for it just idea if they help or not though :)
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  • I wore a veil ...but had a crystal pin in my hair so when I took the veil off I had something in my hair. Loved it!
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  • I do not plan on wearing one but will be purchasing one because I read that you should have one just in case you change your mind day of wedding.
  • I had a veil that I wore for the ceremony, but I took it out at the reception.  I also had a crystal headband, so when I took out the veil, I still had something "fancy" in my hair :)

    It looked great in pictures!
  • Thank you ladies.  I bought one today.  Who knows if I will wear it but I just may

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