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Louisiana-New Orleans

Courtyard wedding in French Quarter

Hi Ladies,

I would like to have a courtyard ceremony in the French Quarter.  Just want to make sure I have explored all of my options.  Please tell me if you know of any courtyards besides the ones I have listed for 100-150 guests.


Pharmacy Museum

Irish Cultural Museum

Maison Montegut House

Herman Grima House

Beauregard Keyes House

Hotel Mazarin


Petite Bourbon

Maison Dupuy

Princess of Monaco

Royal Sonesta

Ritz Carlton

House of Blues Voodoo Garden

Hyatt French Quarter


Just wondering if I have missed any that would accommodate the number of guests that I have.


Re: Courtyard wedding in French Quarter

  • Thanks for the listing...I was looking for the same kind of venues. Another I found was the Terrell House...looks pretty cute!
  • Terrell House is great but is further Uptown in the Lower Garden District.
  • Do you already have a reception place in mind or are you open to having it at the same place as the ceremony? I ask because when I was looking 90% of the venues required you to have the reception at their location to allow you to use their courtyard. I'm an out of town bride so I toured like 7 places in 1 day (OMG so exhausting!) here are the ones I looked at...

    Maison Montegut House - The coordinator told me that you also have to have your reception there in order to use the courtyard. Although I've seen on blogs that people use it just for the courtyard, so it must be a new rule. I LOVED this venue, but it was pricey and the coordinator doesn't check emails or work online, only via phone. That was too much of a gamble for me since I'm not local.

    Pharmacy Museum - I doubt it would fit 100-150 people. It is beautiful though!

    Broussard's - this one was great, loved the courtyard. They are currently under construction but you can still tour it. Downside is the rest of the restaurant is open during your wedding so I felt awkward having no privacy. They were nice to work with though!

    Irish Museum - this was my 2nd favorite option! The staff is amazing and the courtyard is beautiful. 100 would fit perfectly, with 150 you may have some people standing in the back. They've got a great staircase from a 2nd floor room where you could make a fab entrance. 

    Courtyard of two sisters - they will allow you to have the ceremony in the courtyard when you book them for the reception. (price is right) It's beautiful but HUGE downside for me was that ceremony had to be short and they weren't willing to let me bring in any chairs or move all of the tables so only about 40 guests would have chairs, everyone else stands. The coordinator acted like that was no big deal, but for me that just seems too odd. 

    I ended up picking the Bourbon Orleans Hotel (wedding date 6/21/14). They gave us a great deal if we booked the rehearsal dinner in their smaller cottage venue (It's super cute, check it out), ceremony in the courtyard and then reception in the ballroom. We are basically getting the rehearsal dinner for free. They have a "rainy day plan" just in case, which is nice to know. If it rains they will do the ceremony in the ballroom and then have a cocktail hour in the hotel bar while they flip the ballroom for the reception. It also comes with a coordinator for FREE, which is huge for me. I've been working with Alyssa for about a month now and haven't had any issues.

    Sorry that was so long, good luck! :)
  • Bumping this!  If anyone else has anything to add, I'd love to hear the ideas! 
  • I love the royal garden terrace at the Omni Royal. I also loved the courtyard at the hotel Mazarin, but you can't have a band or dj in the space, so pretty much you can only have the ceremony in the courtyard and then have the reception in the ballroom next door.
  • AlyzonAlyzon member
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    Hi I'm really interested in a wedding at maison montegut. what phone number do you have on file? Been emailing with no luck, and I don't think the phone works either... Any info is much appreciated!
  • Aeb74Aeb74 member
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    Irish cultural museum will let you do ceremony only. We are doing our ceremony and reception there in November and Matthew Ahearn has been great to deal with! Good luck!
  • amiyazamiyaz member
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    I went to a wedding at Cafe Amelie in the Quarter and their food and space are beautiful.  They had about 120 people and it was a great fit.  They had their ceremony at a gallery next door and then walked there for the reception, but I'm sure you could do both there.
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