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At the request of our former wedding planner, Cynthia Betts of Weddings in Iowa, I have removed a negative review I posted of her services. My wife and I remain deeply disappointed with Cynthia's professionalism, and planning and coordination services -- both prior to the event and on the night of the wedding. But I have detailed my complaints to Cynthia personally and will leave it at that. Other than the wedding planning services, the rest of the evening was fantastic. We highly recommend photographer Stan Richard (best wedding photographer I have ever seen), Baratta's Restaurant and Catering services, and wedding band Pink Kadillac out of Omaha. The Historical Society of Iowa was also an excellent venue. We do not recommend Cynthia's Going the Extra Mile wedding planning package. If you are interested in specifics, there are several other reviews online with detailed complaints - many of which we echo wholeheartedly.

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  • @jeditor17 - did she do your florals and, if so, how were they? I've seen bad reviews of her planning and managing skills but good reviews of her arrangements, so I wanted to check before we signed with her.
  • @drmrs2014 - Yes, I would agree with that assessment. She did the florals, which were very nice. If I had to do it again, I wouldn't have purchased the wedding planning package (we went with one of her most comprehensive service packages - maybe the most expensive) but I would have kept the florals and decor. She handled both.
  • @jeditor17 - thanks for the help. I am terribly sorry about the service you received. I hope the day was enjoyable for the great occassion that it was!
  • Yes, in fact other than the wedding planning services, the night was absolutely fantastic. We had a lot of great vendors. If you are still in search of a photographer, book Stan Richard. PHENOMENAL. You will not be disappointed. Also, Pink Kadillac from Omaha was an outstanding wedding band, and very reasonably priced. They helped keep the night running smoothly, and the guests loved them.
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