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Return Address on STDs?

How did you put the return address on the envelopes for the STD's? 

Should I get a stamp with our address on it? Or should I handwrite the return address? 

Also, should I put both our names on the return address or just put our last names like "The F/J Wedding" followed by the address

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Re: Return Address on STDs?

  • I personally think it's fine to either stamp them or hand-write them. It doesn't matter. By the book etiquette would probably say hand-write them since it's personal mail, but no one will care. 

    We're planning on just using our first names and the address. I think writing "the blank wedding" is weird, personally, just because a wedding doesn't send mail. 
  • Formal etiquette does dictate that the envelopes should be hand addressed because it makes them personal and shows guests that you've put a lot of thought into it (or hired a calligrapher). 

    I personally, like many people, wouldn't care if I received an invite where any part of it was stamped instead of hand-written.  I would think it was nice that they took the time to stamp them, vs. slapping a pre-printed address label on them.

    I prefer putting both names on the stamp- as pp indicated, a wedding doesn't send mail. Just be sure that the stamp does not have your married last name (if you're changing it) or married monogram on it- that's reserved for after the wedding ceremony.
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  • We live together so I put the return address as follows:

    City, State ZIP
  • Yep, we did this. We got an address stamp that said "Mylast+Hislast" on Etsy and used it as the return address on the invitation envelopes and also to address the RSVP postcards. We both kept our last names, so we still use the stamp all the time.
  • I put our return address as:
    FI's full name
    My full name
    city, state, zip

    I did that because even after 10 years a lot of his friends don't know my last name (it's a hard one) and it might confuse them. Seeing my first name would make it all clear though I hope.
  • Thanks!

    I like the MyLastName + HisLastName combo idea, so we'll probably go with that
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  • kitty8403kitty8403 member
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    I ordered an embosser with replaceable plates. Just our current address, not our names on it. My in-laws live next door; even if we end up moving before then, anything sent here will still get to us. If we buy a place, then presto, $20, new plate and it's useful indefinitely. Course, I have no idea if this is a rule or not. I've seen others use them for the return addy though.

  • ashleyepashleyep member
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    I ordered a stamp from Etsy that says

    Ashley & Bill
    our address

    I figured if they don't know us without our last names, they'll see our faces on the StD!
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