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I'm hoping to have a cupcake tower instead of a traditional cake at our wedding.  We will have 100 invited guests.  My budget as of now is $250 and I want a small cake for us to cut on top (plain white because I'll be DIY'ing a maypole topper) 

Has anyone had a cupcake tower?  What was your budget?  Which bakery did you use?  Did they deliver it for you or did you have to pick it up?  I'm just trying to get a feel for whether or not it's a realistic price point and how much of a pain it would be to transport vs. a cake.

Re: Cupcake Towers - New Haven Area

  • We got mini cupcakes and cake drops from Bella Creations (clicky). They were SO DELICIOUS. I've actually been planning to order more, just to eat. 

    I really suggest checking out their website and prices I linked to. They have tons of flavors and sizes with different prices to choose from. They have no problem accomodating allergies or different colors. They also transported the desserts and set them all up for us. 

  • we are getting our cupcakes from
    we are going to do our tasting next sat so im super excited. and honestly from reviews there flavors are awesome (but thats why u also do a tasting to even see if u like them) there regular flavor cupcakes which if u look on the site has a good amount to choose from(but not as many as the gourmet flavors). They start at $2.00 a piece and they do a bulk deal as well,when u buy 4 dozen or more u get 50 cents off each cupcake so that right there would be half ur cake budget. they also said they do cutting cakes as well. we too are on a budget and doing a lot of DIY things even going to make our own cupcake tower so i am excited about that. But good luck on whatever u try 


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