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Thursday QOTD

What was your first job?
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Re: Thursday QOTD

  • fpaemp2011fpaemp2011 member
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    I started babysitting when I was 13.  But if you're talking about the first time I had a paycheck with taxes taken out, I was an intern in Human Resources for a very large healthcare system near my hometown the summer after my junior year and the following Christmas break in college.  I didn't enjoy the job (mostly entering invoices for travelling nurses, filing, making new employee badges, and checking references on applications {that was actually interesting}) but I made $12/hour.  For a summer and Christmas break of work, that wasn't too bad...and it paid more than babysitting.
  • at the local library.  Mostly shelving books, but I also ckecked people out and did whatever else the director wanted done.  I started the summer after I turned 16 and worked there two years - until I went to college.  I also worked there over winter break freshman year in college.  Alice didn't normally hire seasonal help, but they were in the process of adding an extension to the building, so there were a lot of books just being moved back and forth.
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  • At the local Thriftway before Winn Dixie bought them out and closed them down. I was a Service Clerk, AKA cart pusher, bagger and bathroom cleaner at 16 and worked there for a year and a half. For as tiny as I am, I can push a ton of carts. I amazed the bosses at the retail jobs I had after that with my cart-pushing skills. :)
  • I did food service at the local zoo.
  • I worked at a fast food place called Captian D's.It was fast food sea food.
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  • I babysatt for a year then tried my hand at waitressing... Babysitting was much easier...

    Made enough money to get to disney world that year and that was it... LOL
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  • GJones27GJones27 member
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    I taught piano as a teenager.  It was good money on a per hour basis!  A random parent approached me at school and offered to pay me 50% less than any other piano teacher just to give her daugther basic intro lessons.  But at least to me, it felt like I was making bank for little work.  
  • Patient Billing for a durable medical equipement company. I was responsible for sending out the patient bills after we'd billed their insurance, recording payments recieved and handling past due accounts. Yeah, I was 16 :P
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  • Babysitting was first, but my first job where I had to fill out an application and got a paycheck was Denny's. I was a hostess and it was during high school. I think I only worked there for a year or so.
  • I'm actually still at my first job. I work at a specialty office for a large company in the area. Our office consists of several dermatologists and PAs, a gastroenterologist and his PA, and a clinical psychologist. I love it.

    I babysat for a few months in high school....never EVER will I do that again. Those children behaved terribly. I actually think that is part of the reason I'm not a huge fan of children.

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  • Other than cash-paid babysitting? Nursery worker at my church at age 14.
  • Haha Sugar , I dont like other peoples kids much either that's why I got out of elementary ed.. LOL

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  • I worked in a call centre doing market research.... Sucky job but it paid good and I worked there for 2 and a half years.
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