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big wedding for little money in nyc

Help?! Totally overwhelmed by NYC prices and what we want...
We can afford up to 15,000 for our entire wedding... can we do it?

What are affordable venues for 325 people
Open bar cocktails and appetizers
ideally indoor and outdoor space but indoor that has a nice feel we like everything from rustic to urban, just not too boring and not too fancy

Re: big wedding for little money in nyc

  • Are you wanting a full dinner too? Honestly for 325 guests, I'm not sure it's possible in NYC. Not for all that you want and not for the large guest size. Maybe if you were having 125 guest but 15,000 in NYC doesn't get you much. It's crazy but true. Maybe think upstate or out east at a catering hall on Long Island that has multiple weddings at the same time. I still don't think even there for 325 it possible. Sorry, I hope someone else will have better advice than me!!
  • I know... we are considering upstate too although most people we know are city people... we weren't planning on doing sit down dinner, just drinks and appetizers... ugh!
  • Even if you dedicate all the money just to food that's $46 a person. That's less that the cost of just providing alcohol at many of the places I looked. I think you are going to need to compromise and cut your guest list. Maybe try looking at clubs or bars on a non Friday or Saturday night and see what price they'd give you if you rented the whole place.  
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  • Look at renting space at NYU.
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    Hi! I think your budget is low for 325 guests. Have you tried talking to a wedding planner or coordinator? They may be able to help. My coordinator is fantastic and VERY low priced. I definitely think that you should shoot her an email. I'm sure she could help you out [email protected]

    If you just want to have cocktails and drinks -- it may be do-able if you go down a completely nontraditional route
  • Have you looked at the Ukrainian National Home in the East Village
    and the Bohemian Hall Beer Garden in Astoria?
  • Have you looked at the Ukrainian National Home in the East Village
    and the Bohemian Hall Beer Garden in Astoria?
  • I was the maid of honor at a lovely yet offbeat wedding in Brooklyn that was catered by Fairway, and the abundant food alone was ~$2,000 to feed the 120 guests. It was buffet style and definitely gormet enough to please everyone. The bride could not have been happier. 
  • That is a great recommendation! If we can find a good space, I will definitely check out Fairway! Thank you :
  • Thanks I will check out...
  • Wow, I am sure Fairway would be a great caterer for a nontraditional wedding. How was the food?

    Also, what is their status after the storm?
  • The key is to stop looking at traditional wedding venues and look for community centers etc then rent a hall and have it catered
  • I recently shot a wedding at the Invisible Dog, an art gallery in Carroll Gardens, a very fancy and up and coming area of Brooklyn.

    The gallery has a huge empty room on the last floor, with beautiful light and a really cool freight elevator that was transformed into a moving bar with a waiter, serving people coming in and out of the building all night.

    If the catering company mentioned earlier works, then you can definitely book this place. It was not more than 5000 but I don't have the exact details. I was only the photographer!

    Here is a link to contact them. Don't stop at the photo, the place was beautiful once decorated and could easily fit 340 people (which was the amount at that wedding). It was all very off beat and original, yet cool and hip, Brooklyn-style. The owner is French and very sweet.

    And if you are interested, I am a photographer specialized in DIY and budget weddings :)

    Hope this helps!
  • Thank you! I will check it out :
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