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Suggestions for a low key appetizer/drink lounge after a night wedding?

I'm getting married at the Wynn in April and my fiance and I are looking for a place to take our guests after the wedding. The wedding is from 9-10pm and we only have about 50 guests. We want to go to a lounge type stop after for drinks, appetizers and have a cake. We are having a hard time finding a place to accomodate something like this, most places are drinks only or close early. Any suggestions?

Re: Suggestions for a low key appetizer/drink lounge after a night wedding?

  • smokeybaileysmokeybailey member
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    A group of 50 is a lot of people to just "drop in" somewhere.  What about a restaurant?  IMO, you should do something a little more structured for a reception of that size.  We had 46 guests and we definitely could not have "stopped by" somewhere.
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    I agree w/ smokey... You need more structure for that amount of ppl.
    We did dueling piano bar meet n greet and basically just showed up. It worked for us, we had about 20ppl show up out of 35ppl... 

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  • GribblesGribbles member
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    Have a look at Little Buddha in the Palms - they will allow you a cake from an outside vendor and can do appetisers and an open bar very reasonably. if you get the back room, it should be pretty private and they offered us exclusive use of the patio as well (overlooking the Palms swimming pool which looks gorgeous lit up at night)

    Little Buddha would be perfect, it is dark, has a really chilled out vibe and beautiful, funky decor.

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  • Deannem222Deannem222 member
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    Thanks for all the suggestions! We are not looking to stop by anywhere, we will definitely have a reservation for everyone, I was just asking if anyone knew of places that are able to do that. I'm having a hard time finding lounges that offer more than just drinks
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