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QOTD 2/6

*Posted on behalf of Cathy* How many people are in your wedding party? How many are family versus friends?

Re: QOTD 2/6

  • Good morning October 12! 10/6 brides, we have exactly 8 months to go as of today! We have 3 bridesmaids and 4 groomsmen, and they are all siblings. My MOH is my sister, and the other BMs are my brother's wife and FI's sister. The two best men are FI's brothers, and the other groomsmen are my brother, and my sister's husband. With that many siblings and ILs we decided not to expand to friends, however my 10 or so closest friends are going to come get ready with me in the afternoon, just as if they were BMs. I'm having the florist make some sort of flower hairclip for them, and we are going to take pictures together. Our wedding is too casual to try to pull off 12 bridesmaids!
  • Six on each. For me, one (of two) MOH is family (my sister), and one of the remaining four bridesmaids is my FI's sister. On his side, one of his best men is his brother, the rest friends.
  • 7 bridesmaids
    2 Junior bridesmaids
    5 groomsmen
    1 ringbearer

    lets see...my MOH is my sister, then my 3 cousins, FI's sister and his 2 cousins finish off the rest of the BM, the two JBM are also FI's cousins (one is also his god daughter)
    For groomsmen, the Best Man is FI's best friend for the last 24 years (practically family), his brother, my brother in law, my cousin, and then a friend since high school.
    Ring bearer is our nephew/godson=)
  • 6 on each side, one flower girl, and 2 ushers.

    On my side, my sis is my MOH and FSIL is a BM. Fi's cousin is the flower girl.

    On his side, his bro is a GM. My cousin is an usher.

    On both sides, most of our friends have been around for more than 10 years, in my case more than 20, so they're pretty much family.
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  • 5 on each.
    3 bridesmaids are sisters, another one is a friend who we all refer to as a sister, maid of honor is my college roommate.
    Groomsmen, 1 is a friend, 2 are siblings, 2 are brother in laws.
    Ring bearer is my nephew, flower girl is our dog.

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    October 13, 2012
  • 2 moh, 4 bm, 2 bestmen, 4 groomsmen, 1 jr bm, 1 jr gm, 2 flower gilrs, 2 ring beares.

    One of my moh is my aunt. One of the grooms men is my cousin, Best men are fi's father and brother. Jr grooms men is my oldest son. My other two sons are the rb. Flower girls are fi daughter and his niece.
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  • We have 6 on each side, and one flower girl.  The only family are the flower girl (FI's niece), then my brother and his brother will be groomsmen.  FI's sister will do a reading.  We aren't very close but we wanted to involve her somehow.
  • I have my MOH who is my best friend and like the sister I wish I had and FI has a BM who is his friend from HS
  • I have 8 BM ( I know alot) one is my sister the rest are guys and gals that I am super close from.  1 from elementary school 1 from HS 2 from college and 3 from the barn I ride at.

    My FI has 6 GM 2 cousins the rest friends from elementary school.  He has a brother though that he did not include in the wedding party (long story they dont get along).
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  • Thank for posting for me this morning Courtney!!

    We are having FI's brother as the BM and if my brother is able to make it, (which I am 90% sure he will), he will be my Man of Honor.
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  • We have 11 altogether, and its mostely family. My matron of honor is my best friend, and the best man is my fiance's best friend. Then we have 3 junior bridesmaids that are my daughter (age 9), my niece (also 9), and my god-daughter (10), 3 flower-girls that is my other niece (5), and fiance's two nieces (aged 5 and 3),  2 ring-bearers that are my nephew (4) and finace's oldest nephew (3), and my god-son (6) will carry a remembrance candle.  Our families are so important to us and we wanted all of the kids to know they have a special role in our day-- and they'll all be so cute dressed up :)
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  • 3 BM, my sisn his sis and my best friend..one FG my neice. 3GM, his dad, 2 cousins, 1 RB a kid that his mom babysat since 6wks old and the ushers will be fam too but we aren't sure who we're picking.
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  • 1 best man 1 maid of honor. both best friends.

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  • I have my MOH who is my closest friend in Texas, then 2 BMs - one a GF and the other my stepdaughter.

    FI has his best man and 2 GMs - all friends. 

    IF we are able to pay for his brother to come over from Africa for the wedding, we're going to expand it to 3 on each side, and add his brother as a Gm and his sis as a BM.  We're hoping. 

    One ringbearer - Close family friend's son.
    Two Flower girls:  Our granddaughter and my GF's GD. - both will be 4 by that time.
  • Our total wedding party is 6 people. 3 GM for him and 3 BM for me. At least for now. Hopefully my FI brother(Best Man) doesn't get deployed before the wedding. If so, then we will have uneven sides.

    His bestman is his brother, 1 groomsman is not technically his brother but was "adopted" by his family when they were in middle school. His other groomsman is his best friend. They refer to each other as "My brother from another mother".  :)

    My MOH is actually the wife of his "brother from another mother", 1 of my bridesmaid is married to my FI best man and my 3rd BM is married to my brother.

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    We have 6 Brides Maids and 6 Grooms Men, 2 flower girls, 2 Ring Bearers, and a few other positions which has 8 individuals. So a total of 24 people not including us or my grandfather who is walking me.
    Maid of Honors= 1 Family (Sister) and 1 Friend (Bestie)
    Brides Maids= 1 family members (Cousin) and 3 friends
    Best men= 1 family (Sister) and 1 friend (Best friend)
    Grooms Men= 1 family members (Cousin)  and 3 friends
    Everyone else is Family(Flower girls, Ring Bearers, other positions)

    Oh yeah its a lot but I love it.
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  • Our wedding party is pretty big - 6 on each side. MOH is my younger sister, and BM is FI's twin brother.

    My 'maids are a friend I've known since I was a year old, my best friend who I lived with for four years before I moved in with FI, another friend I've known over 10 years, my sister's best friend who has become like an honorary sister to me, and FI's younger sister, who I think I'd be friends with even if FI and I weren't together.

    The GM are 5 of FI's friends, two of whom I would actually consider mutual friends because we both hang out with them pretty much every weekend.

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  • We have 5 BMs and 5 GMs. FSIL is a BM and my brother is a GMs. Otherwise, the rest are friends!
  • We have 3 BM and 5 GM that are all friends.  I am considering asking my FSIL to be a BM.  My FI's daughters will be our flower girls and my cousin will be our ring bearer.
  • 5 bridesmaids - MOH is my BFF (practically like a sister!), FI's sister, 3 of my cousins
    5 groomsmen - BM is FI's BFF, 3 of FI's cousins, 1 friend
    1 rind bearer - FI's cousin

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  • MOH will be my cousin and Best Man will be his best friend then probably my 3 year old nephew as the ring bearer. 
  • 7 bridesmaids and 5 groomsmen
        Out of the girls, my familys is my MOH (sister) and 2 junior bridesmaids (neices) and 1 bridesmaid (cousin) the other 3 bridesmaids are best friends
        Out of the boys Family Bestman (FI's dad) and Groomsmen (my brother) the other 3 are best friends who just happen to be dating the 3 bridesmaids
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  • Ugh. I'm slightly embarrassed to say this. We have 7 groomsmen, 6 ushers, 5 bridesmaids, a flower girl, and a ring bearer.

    I would have been fine with 3 on each side as I have 3 best friends, but my fiance is like Katherine Heigl in 27 dresses (except a dude). 90% of his friends are married and he has been the Best Man 3 times, a groomsman 10 more times, and an usher more times than he can remember.

    We tried to limit it to 5 on each side, but my fiance was getting visibly upset at the thought of choosing between a few people and I told him it was fine if he wanted to have a ridiculous amount of groomsmen/ushers. He's much happier now :)

    They are all friends, except my fiance's sister is a bridesmaid and my brother is an usher.
  • 5 BM
    2 are friends
    1 is a cousin
    1 is SIL
    1 is niece

    4 GM
    all FI's family

    2 little FGs who are his nieces
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  • I have 14 in my wedding party.  Out of the bridesmaids-2 are my FI's sisters and the rest are my friends.  Out of the groomsmen-the best man is my FI's brother and two of the groomsmen are my brothers, all the rest are his friends.
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    We have four each of bridesmaids and groomsmen, with one BM and MOH included. All are friends. I'm an only child and FI has five siblings who are all 6-16 years older. There are lots of nieces and nephews, but we didn't want any children in the wedding party. We know which kiddos we'd ideally have, but one of his sisters would go ballistic if her sons weren't included, which they wouldn't be. It was safer to do "no kids," and just plan a picture with all 11 of them.
  • We will have 1 MOH who is my sister, 1 BM who is FI's brother.  2 brides maids who are my friends, 2 GM's my BIL and FI's friend.  My 2 nephews will be ring bearers and FI neice will be FG.
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  • We have 3 on each side plus 2 flower girls and a ring bearer:

    I have 2 MOHs, both of which are my best friends. My other BM is FI's cousin.

    FI's BM is his cousin. One GM is a best friend from high school and the other GM is FI's cousin's (my BM) husband.

    Our FGs are my cousin's daughter/my Goddaughter and FI's cousin's daughter (we figured since her mom & dad would be in the wedding, we could have her be a FG, too).

    Our RB is undetermined/undecided at this time. FI will probably be asking one of his friends' sons to be our RB, but he hasn't picked which one yet, haha!
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  • Bridesmaids
    MOH - sister
    3 BMs - college roommates

    BM - BIL (weird relationship--married to my sister, but also the nephew of FI's sister's husband)
    2 GM - friends
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  • 3 bridesmaids, 1 MOH, 2 GM 1 BM. I'm nit a huge fan of big bridal parties. We aren't having a flower girl or ring bearer.
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