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DIY Flowersilk Arrangments

So my best friend brides maid and certified non practicing florist and I have decided to do our own centerpieces for the wedding. I'm a little concerned 1 That my silk or real to touch flowers won't look real at and I'm also concerned that this DIY project won't live up to my expectations and that it will be even more expensive than just hiring a florist. I believe once we complete at least one sample centerpiece my mind will be at ease.
Has anyone decided to do DIY centerpieces/floral arrangements for their weddings?
By the way I'm new to The board. I'm getting married 9/12/13 outside ceremony indoor reception.
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Re: DIY Flowersilk Arrangments

  • Welcome to the board!  :-) 

    I'm also doing DIY centerpiences with the help of my totally awesome stepmom.  But we're doing real flowers instead of silk.  I want the centerpieces to look like wildflowers that have just been picked so it goes well with our barn wedding anyway. 
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  • I'm doing my centerpieces and bouquet all are going to be fake flowers that way I can do them and store them away until the wedding.
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  • Yup. Using silk flowers as well. My BFF used them for her wedding and they turned out awesome. I've been slowly stockpiling silk roses since a little while after we got engaged so it won't hurt as much. lol

    For centerpieces, we're just using vintage books with a single rose, but I'm excited to get crafy with the boquets/boutineers. I love being crafty.
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  • I am doing DIY centerpieces but there will be no flowers in them. Partly to keep cost down and partly because that many flowers in one room will make my sinuses nuts. I am planning something with glow sticks / stOnes / flora lytes We will have tons of glow sticks at the wedding. It's a thing with us
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  • I am doing my own centerpieces as well but we are using string that has been wrapped around a balloon sprayed with starch and then the balloon popped, then one or 2 flowers tucked in it. We are also using jars bowls with water, shells, sand, and floating candles to cut down on the flower cost.
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  • my wedding is in alabama and i live in maryland 

    so i am not doing centerpeices and the flowers will be silk i am allergic to basically air lol 
    i plan to diy them.... 
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