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Ok so I know an afterparty is not a pre-wedding party, but I wasn't sure where to ask this. 

FI really wants an afterparty, but I never envisioned us having one. He insists that he had more fun at all the afterparties he attended as a GM than the reception, since it was mostly just the WP (brides and grooms included) and no kids, parents, etc. It was always low-key, in someone's hotel room, hanging over the balcony... 

Also most of the WP were close friends, an important element missing with our BMs and GMs, as none of them are friends. Not that we couldn't get along, but  I just don't think it would be the same.

 Another reason I am opposed to this is it would mean we'd have to stay at the same hotel as the WP and our OOT family, whereas we planned on staying at a bed and breakfast, just something a little more classy than the EconoLodge and away from my immature relatives that would bang on our door and make animal sounds in the middle of the night (it happened at my cousin's wedding). The B&B has a midnight "curfew" since it is someone's house, and our reception ends at 10, leaving us 2 hours to get in, but this would mean someone would have to stay sober and drive us back to the B&B, because there is no taxi service in the small town we are getting married in. I have considered driving us, because I don't plan on drinking much at the reception anyway, and could just not drink at the afterparty so FI can have his fun. 

I just feel bad saying no because he is not opinionated about anything wedding related and this one thing seems to mean a lot to him, but it just is not what I had in mind. 

So what do you think? Yay or nay?

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Re: Afterparty?

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    I've been to two after parties...

    one of them was rather unofficial... at the reception we were all having so much fun and the bride and groom were like, "let's keep this going!" so we all started planning to meet up at another bar down the street after the reception ending time at 11pm. The Bride and Groom made their bit exit in the car, they were gonna swing by the hotel, change and come meet us. All of us headed over to the bar, partied it up... and after about an hour we realized we'd been stood up by the B&G. So we toasted them and kept partying!

    the other one i've been to was slightly more official, the B&G wanted to go out afterwards with their friends and let us know in advance that they were going to go to X bar after the reception and that we (and the rest of the WP) were welcome to join them. I have to admit... i found it a little odd. it was very subdued, rather quiet... fun, with a lot of conversation, but tbh all of us kept wondering why the B&G didn't want to be alone... lol. they said it was cuz they had their whole HM to be alone, but yeah. it ended after about two hours.

    i think they can work. i think i would not want one for myself.
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    I've never heard of having an afterparty.  It sounds like fun if I was in the wedding party, but I can't imagine wanting to do this after my wedding.  I'd rather go back and have some alone time with my new husband.  You'll have the rest of your life for after parties.
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    Haha. You could look at it both ways.  You also have the rest of your life to be alone with your hubby :)
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