I know this is posted all of the time, but I have read through the past 20 pages of posts and am just trying to make sure I have heard about as many people as possible. I have contaced Jen Nally, Heidi McKenna, and Crystal from Eye Do Makeup & Lash Design.

I would like to keep the total for the BMs hair and makeup under 100 for sure, preferably closer to 80, and for me, hopefully around 150.

Also, because I am having an 11am ceremony, if you have used anyone that you rec, please let me know how long it took per person to do yours/BMs. We are on a tight schedule! But want people who do a good job.

I thought I had this all taken care of but the person I have currently booked is not returning my calls (for three months) and I am just getting nervous. I want a back up plan before I thrown in the towel on the people I originally booked- and left a deposit with :(

Re: Hair/Makeup

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    For hair, try Ashley Couch. Her prices start @ $35
    [email protected]
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    I am considering marxey makeup just to throw her in there. I love her looks on her site.  http://marxeymakeup.com She does hair and make up. It's 175 for that for the bride. Her make up is $100. However if you have 4 bridesmaids it's much cheaper.
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    Makeup I used Jean Folchi and was very pleased. Hair... we just went to Paragon Salons downtown. Try calling Beauty First and speak to one of their hair stylist... if I remember correctly they offered to come to my house and only charge $35pp
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    I'm using Diana Varga [email protected], she charges $65 for bride and $35 for bridesmaids. I've been in a wedding when she did the entire wedding party (6 people) + bride, I think the entire thing took 1.5 hours? She's amazing! Worth a try :) Good luck!
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    Diane Varga - is that for hair or make-up?
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    I'm using Kelly Ledford of Cinci Makeup. She's amazing-had my trial and I'm a makeup guru and was blown away by what she did. She's got an awesome personality and charges $150 for the bride and $65 for bmaids.

    Her email is [email protected]
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    Kendall Niemeyer did the makeup for all of my girls - I can't remember how long it took, but I am pretty sure it was less than 2 hours for myself, my 4 girls, my flower girl and both moms.  She was also pretty inexpensive. 

    We used Emily Vondohre for our hair - she was awesome.  I believe it was $50 for updo's, and it took about 30 minutes for my hair, less for everyone else.  You can reach her by calling Mary's Hair Off the Square in Hyde Park.
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    I just booked Marxeymakeup for my wedding she is so sweet and I love her pictures! I have a trial run with her in a month im so excited!
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    I can't seem to get markeymakeup's link's to work... can anyone verify the website or contact information?  Thank you!
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