Day-of-wedding help

I'm having my ceremony in a public park that chairs need to be put up and taken down in and my reception is in a place that doesn't cover table clean-up and restocking my dessert buffet. Does anyone know of any trustable place i can go to hire people to help with these menial day-of tasks?

Re: Day-of-wedding help

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    I would check out local temp services or just check on craigslist for a couple of people for here and there work. I know a lot of people without jobs have been going to places like that so it may be worth a try. Or just see if any family or friends have some teen kids that need a bit of money.


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    Do you attend a church or anything like that?  There's usually a lot of kids/teens at churches that would love a little extra cash.

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    Thanks, Ladies...i appreciate your input!
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