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Slacker groomsmen

I think I've created a groomzilla.Our wedding is in December. The groomsmen have had the information needed to order their suits since July. They keep putting it off, which is ok since we're still a few months out, but they're lying to FI about it. We've heard 15 times from two of them, "we're ordering it," "there's a problem with the order," "I'm being measured," etc. Now FI is getting super testy with them and they're agitated. I can't really decide who is in the wrong here. Is FI being too harsh or are they being really irresponsible? I would hate for his best friends to bail on him before our big day. Any advice on how to approach this? Should I get involved?

Re: Slacker groomsmen

  • what is the deadline? It seems like its REALLY far out to be pushing them. Our deadline for the guys was 2 weeks out (1 month out if they didn't want to pay the late fee).
  • They have the info on how to order. And ask long as you asked them ahead of time if they could afford the price of the suits, then you've given them everything they need to know. Like you said, you still have a TON of time, so lay off. They will order the suits when they're ready. And if not, then they've taken themselves out of the wedding and you can go on with whoever you have left. No, don't get involved. Because (a) nagging them won't help, and (b) you dont' want to come across as the naggy, _bitchy FI (not saying that you are, just saying that you don't want to come across this way). The more you guys bug them about the suits, the less they'll want to get it done. As long as they know how to order them and when/where to be on the wedding day, then you and your FI should stay out of it.
  • I guess we wanted to start early because of the time required for shipping and alterations. What's a more reasonable time frame? 6 weeks maybe? FI has talked money with them, and no one had a concern. We just have to come to terms that no one will sense your own wedding urgency like the bride and groom do!
  • oh wait, are you  having them buy suits? Because then yes that would be more time than renting them. But they still won't need this long.
  • Find out from the store when the shipping timeframe is, if they didn't already tell the groomsmen. As for fittings, FI had a suit tailored within a week (he bought it at Syms, they measured and pinned him that day, and he went back a week later to pick it up).
  • I'd stay out of it.  Just like your FI shouldn't get involved with dress ordering, you shouldn't be involved with suit ordering.If your FI asks for advice, find out from the store when they need the GM's measurements and money.  Then he can just call the GM and say, "The place does need you to have a deposit (or payment) made and measurements taken by X date.  I hate to push but this is the requirement they have in order to make sure that you'll be all set for the wedding date."If they don't meet the date, that's when your FI  can call and say, "It's fine if you want to want to be there as a guest.  I totally understand."
  • Right, they're buying them. That's what they all preferred since the cost would be the same (or less) than most rentals. It's really a steal, as long as they come in on time! We probably are jumping the gun a little. Just needed the reassurance! Thanks!
  • I'd say to have him get together with the guys, and drive them to where they need to go. Make a day of it. Then they can do their guy thing.
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