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Hey all!

I'm new to the boards and you all seem like a well informed group!

My fiance and I are planning a May 2011 wedding, but since we're paying for the wedding outselves the budget is pretty tight. He doesn't want to spend more than $3,000, but we're looking at almost $4,300 right now. We plan on having the wedding at Edson Hill Manor (any positive or negative reviews?), and are doing things like the flowers, music, and photography ourselves. Do any of ya'll have any other cost cutting tips?

Also just a shot in the dark, but have any of you ever had your wedding/reception in a State Park? My fiance is a ranger, and this was one of the possibilites. I was wondering if it saved any money and if you had a good experience?

Thanks so much in advance!

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    Michaels Joanns and Walmart have some cheap stuff  If you haven't already got your dress you might want to try Needleman's they have much better service than Davids Bridal and don't call you every 5 minutes and I got my dress there for 1/2 off and an extra 20% off the rack discount.  Craigslist is also full of some great finds you just have to be careful.  For photography you could consider a last year photography student getting ready to graduate and looking to expand their portfolio, they are often 1/4 of the price for regular photographers and sometimes don't charge.  
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    I am getting Married at Edson Hill too!!!

    Have you signed a contract with them?
    One thing to look out for is their cake costs.

    You can either pay like 4/5 a slice through their baker, or you have to pay a cake cutting fee of 2.50. Just something to keep in mind that I didn't realize till we got the contract. You also have to fill the rooms in the main house, for two nights depending on the weekend.

    I have loved working with them so far, and the experience has been great!

    For state parks, I have heard of Kingsland Bay in Addison County to be a beautiful place to have a wedding....

    Good Luck!!!

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    I've been to a few ceremonies at Kingland bay, and they've a beautiful location. They do have a room that would have a great floor for dancing, but they also have lovely grounds if you wanted the whole thing outside. It is definitely worth checking out if you are considering a state park. One ceremony I attended let families with kids know that swimming in the lake was an option, but it'd probably be too cold in May for that. Good luck! I'm planning an August '11 wedding, and we are hoping to have our reception at my parents house as they have a nice lawn.
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    Thanks ladies!

    We're going to look at Kingsland Bay this weekend. We also heard through word of mouth that the Burlington Boat House is pretty cheap, so we're trying to get ahold of them as well.

    We haven't signed the contract at Edson Hill yet because I'm one of those people who have to look at EVERY option at least twice. It drives my FI nuts, but I get really good deals that way :). The one thing that we are hung up on is that we have to fill all the rooms for two days. We're not having that many people from out of state, and my understanding was that we still have to pay for the rooms regardless of weather or not they are occupied. They are SUPER nice people to work with, just a lot of extra hidden costs that seem to be creeping up.

    How would I find/get in contact with a photography student? Do I just call the college? That sounds like a great idea. All the girls I know who didn't have a photographer wish that they did, so there is no way I'm not having one.. I LOVE pictures :)
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    Keep this in mind too... don't be afraid to ask for discounts.  I got $500 off my photographer and $300 off my DJ, because I told them straight up that I was looking for a professional who could help me stay on budget.  True, I am getting married in the off-season, which probably helped the cause... but it never hurts to ask!
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    I am getting married next weekend at BEAUTIFUL Silver Lake STate Park. I say go for it especially if you're doing most of the things yourself anyway. spend your money on a caterer....:-)
    Marie in Vermont
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    There are lots of ways you can save on your wedding. It really depends on what you're willing to cut costs on. I got a bridal bargains handbook that has a money back guarantee! 
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    Double check with Edison Hill on the filling every room for two nights thing- especially in May. A couple of the venues we were looking at offered us a deal if we chose the month of May- we didn't have to completely book the inn and the two night minimum was removed. 
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    We had our ceremony at Kingsland Bay and it was beautiful. It's not really that cheap w/ $1,000 site fee + $2pp entrance fee. They do have metal chairs & tables you can use and the main room would work well for a small reception (like 100 and under probably). We ended up not having our reception there because of the sunset curfew, not saving much $ vs. other reception site (ours was at the Old Lantern which was relatively affordable) and the size of our reception probably would've been too large for the main room.

    I've also heard the Stowehof is affordable. Good luck!
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