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Cheer me up.

I posted a while ago about my hair falling out. Lots. But I've tried to ignore it, and just chalked it up to stress. Recently, I've been running a fever. For the past two months, every time I have taken my temperature--I have had a low grade fever. Last month when I went in for a checkup with my Rhuematologist, I had a temp of 100.2. Not super high, but there. Seems like a normal temp for me anymore is high 99's, low 100's. But I never feel sick, per say. I went to my general doctor to ask him about it today. I haven't seen him since my last checkup for my auto immune disease--and I was really convinced this fever/hair loss crap was unrelated. But, he got this concerned look--and told me he was calling my Rhuem doc asap--and I needed to go see him right away. So, I have an appointment with the Rhuem tomorrow morning....and I'm worried that I'll be getting some bad news. Please cheer me up--puppies and rainbows and crap.
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