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Glad this board exists!

I haven't been on this board before just the one for my wedding month. Today I was reading some posts and a girl posted about not wanting any mention of God in their ceremony. Three others posted after her the same thing and one said she was an extremem atheist. I'm not here to judge or condemm but it really turned me off to the board a little bit. I just believe in God and the sanctity of marriage.

Re: Glad this board exists!

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    Glad you're here =). Feel free to ask any questions, I'm sure you can get a feel for our board looking at some of the titles.
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    Yep, welcome aboard!!! :-)  A couple of us venture out to the international boards too so you'll see us around TK.  Just remember that there are a LOT of religious viewpoints all over TK, and finding your fit takes time.  I love, love, love this board.  Not only a great place to talk about stuff related to my wedding that I don't tell my "month" board, but also a great place to find encouragement.  Feel free to jump in and start posting!! :-) 
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    I'm jumping on the bandwagon to welcome you and hope to see you around more!
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    Welcome! In my biased opinion, this is the best board on the Knot.  I don't like the belligerent tones on the other boards.  The girls on here are super supportive.  Sometimes with my own friends, I'm too shy or nervous to ask big questions on my mind, especially with regards to sex, so it's such a relief to find such discussions on this board. 
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    Yes, this board is great! We are here to support, listen or pray, anytime. Welcome. 
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    Hi!  We have a nice, but I feel respectful, mix of people here with all kinds of viewpoints and life experiences.  Welcome!
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