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New Balance Sneaker Giveaway - Post below and be entered!


Re: New Balance Sneaker Giveaway - Post below and be entered!

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    I am a Nutrition/ Dietician major in college and I ride my bike to school and after class either go biking for 20 miles, or go running or hiking for 5-7 miles.  I run several 5K's a year so I go through athletic shoes like CRAZY!!! This will be super nice to have for a college kid that has no money!! haha. I never get new shoes until I can get a great deal on them, or if it is tax free holiday, which is only once a year! :(.
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  • I would love a new pair of running shoes and shorts. I find working out a hard enough task but it's even harder when you cant find clothes that you feel comfortable in. Lets be honest working out doesnt put in you the most flattering positions and I find it important to feel comfortable in what I'm wearing. Also, I find that I get blisters a lot and my feet hurt in my current shoes, so it would be fabulous to have a pair of shoes just for running.
  • My current workout shoes are pretty much worn to DEATH! I need to be able to stay in shape at least until our 1st anniversary, cuz I plan to give my man a nice boudoir album :-).
  • Ohh I'd love to have a pair of New Balance! I've never had or tried a pair. I recently started doing P90X & the Plyo portion just kills my shins, ankles, & knees. I read that having a good pair of workout shoes really helps stabilize the legs & feet. Due to my upcoming wedding & having my hours cut at work I just can't afford to get these. So I hope I win!  =)
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  • i was overwight for a long time...but since november i have lost over 40 pounds with hard dedication! i am looking forward to continue to become more fit as my wedding day comes! These shoes would be a booster for my excercise and new life style Wink

  • Who doesn't love a pair of new shoes? :)
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  • this would be a great shoe for working out in. ive been tryong to find the perfect shoe that wont hurt my feet while running on the treadmill or working out in general!
    Great prize!

  • Sign me up too please!  Would love to win these :)

  • I'd love to win. New Balance are the only shoes I've found that don't leave me sore at the end of a workout!
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    How neat! Count me in the running...haha...get it..?
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  • New Balance shoes are the best.  I am an orthotist and we always recommend New Balance because they accomodate inserts and braces very well.
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  • I completed the couch to 5K challenge and now I really running on a regular basis. I have been wanting to get a new pair of running sneakers to continue with my running accomplishments!
  • Thank you for the New Balance!!! I am so bless to have won and it means that I will be able to achieve my health and fitness goals for my rapidly approaching wedding. (Practicing my acceptance speech)
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  • I have large feet and have not been able to find a pair that fit me well enough so that my feet do not hurt.The ones that dso come in my size are not within my budget, so i have been making due with the wrong size shoe. The lack of good shoes have made running a chore for me. These shoes would allow me to run in comfort. I would also risk less injury. The shorts are so cute and look like the perfect length so that they are not uncomfortable to run in.
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  • I definitely need some shoes!
  • wow. i would love a new pair of nb shoes.  ive been a runner all my life and had to give it up for a few years. im getting back int it :)
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  • I'm getting married in April, but I'm not even trying on dresses until the first of December~yes, I know that's not the nine months ahead of time~ and I have quite a bit of weight that I would like to lose. Not only so I look good on my wedding day, but because heart disease and diabetes run in my family. I'll be starting a family soon and I'd like to be able to chase my children around the yard without becoming out of breath. So...

    Please choose me.
  • yay!  just finished my first marathon and need a new pair of sneakers to get training for the 2nd one!

    who says you ccan't do it all?  train for a marathon, plan a wedding, worked 50+ hours per week?  I CAN DO IT!
  • The experts say you are supposed to replace your running shoes every year or so, but I don't think the experts realize how much that would cost! I've been running with the same old Asics for almost 4 years now and although I'm not considered a hardcore runner, I would love to be. NB makes some of the best running shoes out there with amazing cushion technology and fashion sense.

  • I have found that NB shoes are the only sneakers that are comfortable for any length of time. I keep buying pairs to run in, only to end up using them for work, since they are indeed more comfortable. That being the case, I don't ever really have running shoes anymore. NBs are fantastic, and I'd love to dedicate a pair for working out & running.
  • I am recently getting back into working out and running after putting on twenty pounds (I blame it on moving in with FI...haha).  I desperately need a new pair of sneakers and these would definitely help motivate me to get my butt to the track even more often.  Thanks so much for the giveaway!
  • I would love a new paif of New Balance to get me in shape for my wedding. I could use the shoes to work out with my FI. We recently completed a half marathon together and my shoes are in bad shape!
  • Maybe new shoes will inspire me to walk/run more :)  I also love the shorts!  I"ve been trying to figure out a good pair of exercise shorts and I like that those have a music pocket and key spot too!
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  • I definitely need new sneakers, my current ones (like 5 yrs old) really hurt my feet, but with saving up for the wedding I can't afford to drop $70+ right now. Ooh and those shorts look sweet, especially for hiking, I usually tie my car key to my shoelace.
  • Anything new and cute will give me just the will-power I need to get my butt to the gym! Besides, if I won those shoes I would want to show them off, and what better place to do so than at the gym! Cool
  • I currently walk to and from work everyday (2.2 miles each way) and I would love to win some new workout gear to do that walk every day. I would love to show off some new shoes to all of the people that watch me walk by their windows.
  • I love New Balances! I am currently training for the Marine Corps Marathon to run with my dad as our last daddy/daughter (non-married) experience!  New shoes would be great for my training and maybe even race day!
  • After battling an out of control thyroid and completely out of wack hormones, I find myself medically "cured." I also find myself at 20 years old and about 130lb over weight. Well, I FOUND myself there, but that was 3 months ago. That's when I decided that hey, I'm only 20! What do I think I'm doing not making the best of my life? 

    Now, after seeing a nutritionist and hitting the gym for 2 hours 5 days a week, I've worked myself down 25lb (and still going strong!). The downside? My gym shoes have bitten the dust. My toes have made rather sizable "peep holes" in the front, and the soles are wearing thin. 

    A new pair of NB (the most comfortable shoes ever, obvi) would keep my toes sheltered from the cold that is inevitably going to hit Boston in a couple months, and they would keep my soles protected. Plus, on those mornings when I. just. don't. want. to. go. an adorable pair of sneaks might just give me the kick in the pants I need to get my butt to the gym!
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  • I'm a labor and delivery nurse and spend 12 hours a night running around the unit! Great shoes are the only thing to help ease the back pain. New shoes will let me run around faster and help me save more lives and deliver more babies!
  • Who couldn't use new sneakers?  My current ones are getting pretty old and need to be replaced.
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