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When did you take your Family Pics?

I really want to have time to socialize with my guests and enjoy our wedding. I also want to make sure I have pictures with everyone and don't want it to feel rushed. We are having the ceremony/reception at the same venue.

FI and I are doing a first look but I don't know how it will work after that. I want to attend most of our cocktail hour too. I don't know when to take pictures with our parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles. If we do it after the ceremony they will have to miss some of the cocktail hour. Should we do it before the ceremony? When did you take family photos?

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Re: When did you take your Family Pics?

  • My DH and I had a first look too. So we did the first look, then took pictures with our parents/siblings, then pictures with our bridal party, then pictures of just the two of us. All that was before the wedding ceremony. After the ceremony, we quickly took some pictures with our grandparents and one or two more with our bridal party / by ourselves. Then we went back into the reception area. It worked out really well and we didn't miss much at all.
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    thanks! I'll just have a list ready of pics to take and hopefully that will help it go smoothly

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