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June 2012 Weddings

what's the going rate for hair and make-up?

I just got quoted $100 for the bride for make-up and thought that was on the high side =/

Re: what's the going rate for hair and make-up?

  • Pretty normal around here.

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  • 3 places I have looked around here range from:

    Hair $55-95
    Regular makeup $55-66
    Airbrush make up $40-88

    Plus the same amount for trials :(
     So $100 sounds reasonable to me.
  • Thats less than what I'm paying by a lot. But our makeup and hair people are coming to us, and I know that bumps the price up a bit.
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  • depends on where you live.  In Seattle, I am paying $350 for hair and makeup - includes a trial.  They are coming to my location.
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  • In Response to Re: what's the going rate for hair and make-up?:
    [QUOTE]depends on where you live.  In Seattle, I am paying $350 for hair and makeup - includes a trial.  They are coming to my location.
    Posted by tgerl[/QUOTE]

    holy smokes!! is that just for you?
  • I am paying around $75 for mine, but that does not include a trial. So with the trial it will be about $150. I am live in rural MN so prices are always on the low end compared to in bigger cities.
  • Sounds about right around here too.
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  • I am paying about $140 for bridal hair and make-up the trial is an additional $75
    Bridesmaids are $100 for hair and make-up each
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  • Yep - $350 just for me - and that was one of the lower priced ones I could find.  Seattle is very expensive in almost all areas of the wedding :(
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  • You guys are going to kill me. I am paying $20-$30 per person for hair. (Depends if they want something simple or not.) That is kid of normal for the low end in our area. I also got a quote for $55.

    We are doing our own makeup, so I don't know about that.
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  • The salon I initially wanted was $45-65 for bridal hair, possibly more if it's a complex updo, and $65 for bridal makeup, with trials of each for $40.

    The highest quote I've gotten so far is $150 for hair, $150 for makeup, and $100 for each trial.

    Average rate seems to be about $85 for hair, $65 for makeup, with trial costs around $75 for both.
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  • That's the going rate here too.
  • I'm getting married in Las Vegas and the woman I choose charges $150 for hair and airbrush makeup for me. My bridesmaids will each be $125 for hair and airbrush makeup. My price includes a consultation, traveling to our hotel room, and fake lashes for everyone. But I was quoted much higher by other places I spoke with.

    I did have my makeup done for my best friends wedding, last June, in the Boston area and I paid $100 for a bridesmaids makeup and the bride paid $200 I think. So that price doesn't sound to high to me for the area.
  • I am paying $50 for my hair and I get as many trials as I want. But the girl doing my hair is also the girl that cuts my hair and waxes my eyebrows. So I see her about once a month. She also offered to come to me for no additional cost. I plan on tipping her really well.
  • For just makeup, I'm make $125 for me (includes a trial) and $25 for each of my bridesmaids so $250 total.  She is coming to us.

    I haven't decided on hair yet.  My aunt might be doing it (she's my go-to beautician) if she is able to make it to the wedding (her child is very ill and it's 1.5 hours away). 
  • I'm paying $220 bucks for my hair and makeup.  That's including as many trials as I need til they get it just the way I want.  (I'm hoping for just one trial though!)
  • Wow you guys are killing me here. 

    My hair is 30$, my make up $25, both by a professional. Hair is my normal hairdresser (then again i pay $15 for a haircut no matter the length or what i want done). Make up is his cousin who is a professional make up artist who used to work in salons but now that she lives a ways away she does it out of home & she is coming to us. 

    My girls hair will be anywhere from 10-30 (my mom has very short hair, not much to it) 
    Their make up will be 25 also. 
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  • Mine is $120 for hair and airbrush make up. The trial is not included though, I have to pay extra for that.
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