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    [QUOTE]See, when people say things like "get so and so's nuts out of your mouth" or "so and so can suck my left nut" or variations of those, it reminds me of the kids who started cursing in like 5th grade and thought it made them sound cool.  I'm not directing this at Blue, but that did make me think of it.  I'm guilty of saying that someone can suck my diick, but usually I think it's not the most eloquent or mature thing a person can throw down, you know? Sorry if you guys thought it was out of character, but Birdie pretty much hit the nail on the head. 
    Posted by EaglesBride2012[/QUOTE]

    Idk when Betty White said it it was pretty much the best thing ever. But I get what you are saying. Like when I was a badass in 7th grade and told some kid he must have had a small cup because he had a small penis because he said I had no boobs. And then I smacked him with my violin case. I was cool.
  • I also missed kalpi's freakout. I'm kind of bummed it happened. I like her. I hope she comes back and lets it roll off.
  • Meh, I don't think it was much worse than my freak out in a FF thread once. She might have just typed more. :)
  • Alright ladies, I am OUT OF HERE.  Everyone have a lovely holiday of choice!
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  • LVB, I responded. 
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    I think she will, Daff. She took something too seriously. It really wasn't that bad of "freak out". It doesn't make me look at her any differently. It wasn't that big of a deal. 
  • Back. Thanks, Mica. 
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  • I think by the end of the thread, Kalpi was okay.

    I started this whole thing by asking if she GBCKed, because I hadn't seen her since.  I believe it has been determined that she's just OOT right now.

  • That case was a weapon in disguise. It even had a little part that was broken off and super sharp. So you can imagine which end I used for smacking. Again, I was pretty cool. I even shopped at Aeropostale. And I got my hoops from Claire's.
  • LVB, no problem.  I sent one extra PM your way.
  • Hmm maybe the vasoline is instead of lipstick or Chapstick? I'm curious now too.
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    [QUOTE]Meg- your hoops comment reminded me of something. Stacks sometimes jokes about "big hoops and vasoline," <strong>what's the significance of the vasoline? I don't get it.</strong>
    Posted by bree4305[/QUOTE]

    Its hard to land a punch when the face is lubed up with it.
    Wow..that makes me sound feisty! :)
  • Birdie I totally agree with you on the throwing around GBCK too much.  Some people really do get too busy, or some people just want a break for a bit.  I full admit that I took a break for a bit from E after I had it out with LVB a few months ago because I just wasn't feeling it.  The board was changing and I wasn't around enough to really feel like I fit in or knew what half the people were talking about anymore.  Plus I was having some rough stuff going on IRL and bitchiness was coming through whenever I did post.  It wasnt' a GBCK at all, it was just a break from the board because I was busy as shiit IRL too and when I was around I wasn't coming off right.  

    Since I haven't been around I have nothing to flame, except for the freaking overuse of the phrase "I'm doing it wrong" in this thread.  
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    If you put vasoline on your teeth it is supposed to make you smile. That's the only thing I can think of. ETA: True Marty. I saw a show where the girl rubbed it on her arms and legs before she went to fight this other chick.
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  • Bye Lia, Merry Christmas. I wonder if the Vaseline thing works. Not that I'm really at the risk of being in a fist fight at least any time soon.
  • Hi Beachy!!  I miss you :).  Things settling down IRL?

  • This is over and I haven't read it all but Kalpi is in WA right now so she probably just is not online- PS I finally haz internet at the house. Life is good 
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  • Hey Loops!  Eh, not really.  I'm home in NY now for Christmas and here for another week still.  Then the movers are coming less than 2 weeks after I get back to pack up the house.  We were supposed to close on our house within a week but it got delayed for some repairs they needed to do.  Plus the holidays this year and this deployment have been a lot harder than I expected which stinks.  But I am just trying to stay busy.  Not gonna lie though it completely sucks having H gone for the freaking holidays the second year in a row.  But at least I'm with my family!
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  • Spa this is at the new house, right? How's that going? Are you guys going to do any decorating for Christmas this year?
  • Yeah I feel like unless someone specifically says that they're GBCKing on here or to someone off board, I tend to think they're either just taking a break or are busy. I still hold out hope that one day TJ will return from her knot sabbatical.
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    [QUOTE]Bye Lia, Merry Christmas. I wonder if the Vaseline thing works. <strong>Not that I'm really at the risk of being in a fist fight at least any time soon.
    </strong>Posted by Megbo2012[/QUOTE]

    Glad to hear this!  Here is to hoping that your fist fighting days are over.
  • Will they ship your car east for you, or will you be driving cross-country?  You could come visit NE Ohio on your way :)... 

  • Beachy!

    Yay for the house, boo for H being away, but at least you don't have to spend the holidays with the ILs, right?
  • Ha Mica.  Funny you say that about Christmas with the IL's.  I just talked to my dad and he was all "are you calling cause you decided to come home?"  At this point my MIL would be all butthurt about it if I chose to go home rather than go there, so it's not worth the drama.

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    Sparent, glad you have internet.  You have a package arriving either today or tomorrow.  I had to send it twice because the first one bounced back as return to sender, addressee unknown.  I went on Elfster and found your new address that you posted and resent.  Enjoy your family and your new place.
  • Aw man, I missed this whole thing.

    Hey Beach- I hope things are going better with you. Glad to see you're maybe back!
  • Don't get me wrong.  I love my ILs.  But they sort of want to monopolize every single holiday.  And not just the actual day.  My ILs have something scheduled from tonight through Monday night.  I cannot deal with that much IL.  Nope.  Won't do it.

    My parents are nowhere near as pushy/needy.
  • Sp - YAY for internet.  Mine went out on me a few weeks ago and it was a tense 30 minutes with my phone internet trying to figure out how to reset the modem and stuff.

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